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There used to be a blog here, but now…who has the time? Here are the last five great movies I saw:

Monsters University Thu, Aug 14 4 1/2 stars (91/100)
L.A. Confidential Thu, Aug 14 5 stars (96/100)
Guardians of the Galaxy Tue, Aug 5 4 stars (83/100)
Chef Thu, Jul 3 4 stars (84/100)
They Came Together Mon, Jun 30 4 stars (83/100)

And here are some other recent books and movies:

World of Trouble Mon 8/4 3 1/2 stars (70/100)
Countdown City Sun 7/27 3 1/2 stars (66/100)
A Brony Tale Sun 7/20 1 1/2 stars (30/100)
Side by Side Sun 7/20 3 stars (59/100)
Snowpiercer Thu 7/17 2 1/2 stars (50/100)

Here’s some stuff I posted on Twitter:

If you're going to spend the evening vomiting into a bucket, eat a red velvet cake first. Sweetest puke I ever tasted. 1 day ago

The child hates loud noises so much he STILL talks about a smoke alarm that went off months ago. Turns every iPhone game up to full volume. 2 days ago

“A Rube Goldberg Machine Powered by Light and Magnifying Glasses” thisiscolossal.com/2014/09/a-rube… 5 days ago

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Sun, October 7

Fake Country Lyrics—1:56 PM

A long car ride. A slumbering wife. Nothing better to do.

That's how I came up with these two fake verses for a fake country song. I don't have a chorus yet, but they're all pretty interchangeable so just substitute your favorite one.

(Of course they don't make any sense. That's how I knew it was a country song.)

They're playin BTO here at the OTB
Makin everybody feel ill at ease
But if this POS would follow SOP
Then we could all forget about it

Next year the CMAs will air on AMC
Somethin bout that plan don't sit right with me
Hook up your DSL and drop some LSD
And you can just forget about it


Whenever anyone says “I can’t,” it makes me wish he’d get stung to death by about ten thousand bees. When he says “I’ll try,” five thousand bees. (“I can,” one bee.)

—Jack Handey

This is the most recent thing I posted here. It may be so outdated that it’s completely irrelevant.

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