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The Best Show on TV  12 hours later, this still hasn't been updated to reflect reigning champion Sports Show with Norm Macdonald? I'm already naming my first born Sad Bill Cosby.

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Joe MulderWed, 4/13/11 1:58pm

Yeah, but don't forget the PSYCH rule: you can't win the title on Show #1. You've got to wait until Show #2.

(Although I will say I'm glad I'm not the only person who seems to have enjoyed SPORTS SHOW to the overwhelmingly ridiculous degree that I did. I kept watching it, thinking, "It can't be as good as I think it is, right? I must be going nuts."

But I think quite possibly it is that good.

Bee BoyWed, 4/13/11 7:22pm

The real Psych rule is that by episode five, you'll wish you'd just awarded the title after episode one!

It is that good because it's the same brilliant Norm persona and style from Weekend Update, but completely unleashed. I figured it might fall off around the second ad break, the way The Daily Show does about 35% of the time, but no. Solid belly laughs all the way through, plus an actual bit after the last break, rather than a bland wrap-up. Oh, what a gift that was!

If they can keep up this level of writing on a weekly basis, I'll be amazed. I look forward to being delightfully amazed.

Joe MulderWed, 4/13/11 9:48pm

I think it might even be room for improvement, because a few of the things – like the guy getting hit by the ice cream truck, and Michael Jordan's Hitler mustache – were stuff that's been around for quite a while; they seemed like bits that were perhaps conceived back when they first pitched the show to Comedy Central, and that stuck around all the way through to the first episode.

So I expect (dare I say it?) that the show might even get better * once they're going week-to-week and having to do, for the most part, all topical stuff that was generated in a time-sensitive manner.

*If, of course, there's any possible way to be better than it already was.

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