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4 1/2 stars (86/100)

Tropic Thunder

2008 · 1hr 47min · R
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Could we see Robert Downey, Jr. vs. Heath Ledger in next year's Best Supporting Actor race? Dare I get my hopes up about the Oscars yet again?

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ACSat, 8/16/08 10:46pm

Oh Jeebus. When will you learn?

Bee BoySun, 8/17/08 12:57am

He he! I know – Oscar for comedy?! But I challenge anyone who watches RDJ's performance, and who doesn't have some sort of Academy-installed rod up his ass about awarding a performance that is actually fun to watch, to argue he's not worthy. And he was great in Iron Man! This is his year – he's officially too good to be held accountable for his antics in the '90s. All is forgiven.

Which is proof that it can be done. I'm looking at you, Andy Dick. Cure cancer, reverse the budget deficit, destroy all evidence of The Starter Wife... and then we'll talk.

ACSun, 8/17/08 10:45pm

Just saw it today. RDJ definitely stole the show.

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