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4 stars (83/100)


2004 · 1hr 37min · R
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Good actors, just... acting. When you pop in the Transformers disc, it should force you to watch a movie like this before it starts playing.

Admittedly, the script falls short of greatness here and there, but Topher Grace inhabits a character on the razor's edge between charming and obnoxious, and nails it. Laura Linney, of course, is never less than perfect.

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MarkSun, 1/3/10 1:02am

Oh, you mean as opposed to showing the cute little menu animation that becomes painfully irritating the third time through, and yet, some how you end up having to watch the stupid thing 50 times? I LOATHE DVD menus and the industry sponsored standards that make it impossible to have a player that just lets you watch the $%^&! movie.

Bee BoySun, 1/3/10 9:34am

You mean you don't like waiting through the FBI anti-piracy warning, the Interpol anti-piracy warning, and then (inexplicably) the Interpol anti-piracy warning in French? Plus the studio disclaimer where they disavow all responsibility for the content of the commentary? I think all that stuff is hilarious, and envision a not-too-distant future when we unpack a movie and it says "Disc 2: Feature; Disc 1: Legalese."

But Joe has a great tip for skipping past it (though it does require a quick interaction with the much-despised DVD menu): click on scene selections, then scene 1, and it'll take you right to the start of the movie. I do this as soon as the disc spins up, then hit pause, so I have a black, silent screen until movie time. No cycling menu and no threats from the Feds.

MarkSun, 1/3/10 1:45pm

I think you may have just figured out the real reason for the switch to blue-ray: to allow more room for previews, threats, and disclaimers.

On most of the DVDs that I've put in lately the warnings and previews come up before the menu. The warnings can't be skipped, but as soon as the first preview comes up I usually hit 'menu', change the language to 'pig latin', hit 'play' and then pause it while I'm getting the popcorn. My son won't let me skip the previews on his DVDs, as he insists those are part of the feature.

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