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1 1/2 stars (25/100)

Justice League

2017 · 2hrs · PG-13
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Everything you’ve heard is true: it’s an unfocused mishmash of ideas (some good, some terrible) and the rushed visual effects work causes a few hard cringes. Time is wasted on slapdash origin stories for three characters who matter so little it would have been better for them to show up unannounced and just start punching (and punching is pretty much all anyone does, and then punching some more). But Wonder Woman, as portrayed by Gal Gadot, is nothing less than weaponized love. This concept, and the direct, emotional performance she brings to it is powerful and irresistible. I’ll watch any movie she’s in, even if Zack Snyder keeps directing them. She’s worth 20 points all on her own.

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