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Amazon Comes Through—6:20 PM

Just a brief update to share the fact that there is (sometimes) justice in the world. Well, not justice. But a giant corporation made a cursory attempt at customer satisfaction. These days, I'll settle for that.

I called Amazon.com. Their toll-free customer service number is 1-800-201-7575. Tell your friends – seriously, tell them, because they won't find it published anywhere on Amazon.com.

A nice young lady named Kristi informed me that my preferred return method for the Seinfeld DVDs wasn't available. (Since the box set includes the trinkets, plus the Season 1 & 2 box set and the Season 3 box set – packaged identically to their freestanding counterparts – I had hoped to just return the Season 1 & 2 box set for an identical replacement, in order to keep the majority of the seven non-defective DVDs around to watch.) However, she came up with a pretty decent compromise. She's rushing shipment of an identical Seinfeld gift set and a pre-paid return shipping label – then I can send mine back once the new one gets here, and not have to be without my DVDs in the interim. She even made the clever suggestion of just pulling disc 4 of Season One out of the new box and sending back the new box with the defective disc in it, so I don't have to repack all the playing cards, salt shakers, etc. Smart girl.

So, it's hardly great that it takes so much legwork to get things to work out marginally okay, but it certainly is a relief that there are still opportunities to get halfway decent service – you just have to work at it.

Talk to an actual human at Amazon.com customer service: dial 1-800-201-7575

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MoniqueWed, 2/23/05 7:17am

Yay! Kristi, I hope you offered to take her to dinner if she's ever in LA.

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