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TV is a good thing. Just because Lincoln freed the slaves while not watching TV is no reason to think not watching TV is the solution to everything.

Loserman 10:03a


# A Rape in Cyberspace Reminds me of when I brought the NFL.com chatroom to its knees.

# What Was the Explosive? Scientific American leaks terror secrets faster than the New York Times.

# Imagining the Tenth Dimension Don't miss it! (You already didn't!)

# Everything Bad is Good for You Watching TV makes you smarter. Proclaiming that you don't watch it just makes you feel smarter.

# 8 Changes I Experienced After Giving Up TV Somebody kill this guy.

# TSA bans shampoo Seriously? Not only impossible, how dumb is it for every terror response to be "Ban everything that looks like that"?


Joe Mulder on Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Joe Mulder on Loserman

Bee Boy on Loserman

Joe Mulder on Loserman


The Good Girl