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Ironic White Rapping: Always Funny—1:31 PM

Cameron Diaz discovers just how far JT is willing to take that "hilarious" Dick in a Box gag.

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BrandonThu, 12/28/06 3:20pm

I'm assuming from the quotes around hilarious that you did not find the bit funny. I have to tell you, "Dick in a Box" has been the hit of the holidays here in Minnesota (the video, of course - not the actual gift).

I share your Samberg aversion, but in this case, his performance neither adds nor detracts. The writing, music and especially Timberlake are what make it work.

Bee BoyThu, 12/28/06 4:02pm

Yeah, I've dug my heels in on the Samberg thing, so no amount of "hilarity" or actual hilarity will budge me. It's not his performance that bugs me at all – it's indistinguishable from Parnell or anyone else doing that same bit. For me, it's his lazy, lame writing. If it hadn't been gangly white people pretending to rap oh-so-ironically in every previous clip I've seen him do, I might've been willing to budge on this.

Frankly, it's an old, old joke. And Samberg, in grand SNL tradition, refuses to innovate. It's the same joke the entire song – as opposed to building on the laugh and exploring new territory. The "instructions" section is the only part that's remotely fresh (and, coincidentally, the only part where I tend to crack a smile).

Add to that, the song is goddamn catchy – it's still stuck in my head, which causes me to hum it from time to time. Which is, of course, absolutely unforgivable.

And Timberlake is simply dead to me. I never liked Omeletville and I don't like him here. Don't even mention Alpha Dog. From another of Miss Alli's brilliant Amazing Race recaps:

I can't tell if it makes me an old lady or not, but every animated movie looks like it would annoy the crap out of me. Hey, we can ban DDT and trans fats; what can we do about Robin Williams and animated voices?

Perhaps hating Samberg, Timberlake, and "Dick in a Box" makes me an old lady. So be it.

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