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Mon, April 26

The Actual Mrs. Onebee

Let's revisit my spiteful anti-romance screed from a couple years ago in light of new information. (Read more.)

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Sat, April 17

Quick Hits!—12:41 PM

– Country lyric on the PA today: "our whole lives, down to one box." I don't think I could do that, unless that box was a TiVo.

– Netflix streaming has come to the Wii. I didn't have to ask, or even pay extra. It is awesome and beautiful, and it validates my decision not to buy a PS3 or one of those special TVs. It's a good thing school absorbs 40-50 hours a week, or I'd spend all my time watching WiiFlix and then attempting to have sex with it.

– I love it when Apple does something characteristically single-minded, because it stirs up all the jerkwads who get agitated by that stuff, while the rest of the universe quietly goes on enjoying the wonderful world brought about by Apple's willingness to make such tough decisions.

Justified is excellent.

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