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Jack "el Rod"—3:22 PM

I've read the Comics Curmudgeon blog nearly every day since Ken Jennings recommended it to me – and it's normally good for a few laughs. It has also meant taking an unhealthy interest in the goings-on at "Mary Worth" and becoming emotionally involved in 2008's Foobocalypse.

Anyway, as I said, it's seldom laugh-out-loud humor; mostly I read it for five minutes of quick chuckles, and to follow the thread in case something good comes up – and also to stay informed for each week's "comments of the week." That's when author Josh Fruhlinger (spending time I don't have) culls through all the comments from his witty readers and posts the best ones. That's when you get stuff like this, which makes it all worthwhile:

“I haven’t really been following this Mark Trail storyline, so can someone fill me in on the plot points that led to an ad hoc contest for the best sexual euphemism for masturbation?” –Jester

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