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Fri, July 16

Thoughts on the iPhone 4 Press Conference—2:02 PM

  1. That's how you shut up the whiners!

  2. I wish journalists asked such tough questions of presidents, politicians, and BP as they do of Steve Jobs and his goddamn phone engineers – sheesh!

  3. Chuck Schumer is going to be just insufferable now.

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Tue, July 6

Tanglepuppy!—4:36 PM

Okay, going back to chronological order...

In Class 2: Psychology of Body Mechanics, each assignment was drawn from a "pick list" of options, such as "walk down a few stairs," "balance along a beam," "hopscotch," etc. After parkour was such a draining experience, I wanted to choose just the right thing for my final assignment in the class – and all along I was certain that "a simple dance move" was not for me, as I am not a dancer.

However, I had thought about a dance move that had always made me smile: performed by a young girl nicknamed "Tanglepuppy" on an episode of Ze Frank's "The Show" back in 2006. (She's about 20 seconds in – check her out!)

I had saved a copy of the episode on my computer because it was so entertaining, so I dragged it out and submitted it as my reference video for my final assignment. (People in class assumed she was my daughter – my God I'm old!)

Here's the final product: it would be better if I had the skills to simulate a swishy little skirt on her (but I don't), or if I added her cute "Eeeyowww... eeyyowwww..." vocalizations (but I can't, because my timing necessarily departs from hers – these are the vagaries of animating from reference; there are always adjustments to make it read better in the cartoon world). Anyway, Tanglepuppy, I hope I did you proud.

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