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The Envelope Please...—1:24 AM

I never thought I'd do this, but I wanted to express a big "Thank you" to everyone who helped out with voting on the dialogue clips last week, so here is the video reference footage that MaryBeth and I filmed over the weekend based on the three finalist clips.

This footage was submitted as part of my planning for my next animated assignment, and in concert with my mentor I'll select one of the three lines and animate it according to a plan based on the video. (The video is just a guideline; the animation evolves from this plan over time.) The whole video reference process is pretty embarrassing, but I admit it has proved to be an invaluable step in the planning of a new shot. I wouldn't ordinarily take it public, but all the voting from last week would've felt pretty anticlimactic otherwise.

The hard work seems to have paid off: this little packet earned an A- from my tough-as-nails mentor, from whom I've only managed to eke out one B so far this term. Thanks again to everyone who voted, and an extra-special double-thanks to my past and future writing partner Brandon, who made time for an emergency brainstorming session on Friday night to come up with actions and backstories for six or seven of the front-running dialogue clips, which helped me narrow the pack and figure out which ones to film.

(So that's me acting. I'm deeply sorry you had to see that.)

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rushTue, 8/10/10 10:07am

Nice job buddy - OWN it! :)

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