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You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet!

My animated assignments are finally about to enter the talkie era! This week I have to choose a clip of dialogue to animate, and I have no idea what to pick. Won't you help, by listening to the following ten clips, and voting for your favorite?

(I realize "dialogue" is kind of a misnomer, since the restrictions of the assignment dictate that only one character be speaking – but it's hardly a "monologue" in the traditional sense either, and everyone at school refers to it as a dialogue assignment, so there you are.)

(I realize also that I'm woefully out of date with the week-by-week updates on my actual assignments – the Tanglepuppy update I posted a month ago was from an assignment I animated back in March, for crying out loud – but, what can I say? School is keeping me too busy to type! For now, we exist in a time-shifted parallel dimension – kind of like the final season of Lost... or what I assume the final season of Lost was like.)

Anyway, as Puffy says, vote or die!

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rushThu, 8/5/10 12:16pm

I vote for 1 or 10. Have fun! :)

Bee BoyThu, 8/5/10 4:06pm

Yay! 1 and 10 are still in the mix, but some of the others have been reshuffled – everyone's invited to vote on the new batch today! (Please please please!)

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Which Clip?

Which audio clip was your favorite?

Track 1: What Kind of Man?
Track 2: It Isn't Going to Be
Track 3: I Don't Think
Track 4: I Don't Tweet
Track 5: I've Been Waiting
Track 6: Not Bloodthirsty
Track 7: Cheesy with Money
Track 8: Our Job
Track 9: Gimme a Spoonful
Track 10: Guys

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