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This Week In Reality

All In, Queen High 06.14.04

For summer, I'm instituting a weekly reality TV wrap-up. It's just the shows I watch; if yours isn't included, I'm sorry. Also, beware: (I won't always declare something so obvious, but Arksie was out of town Thursday night) some spoilers ahead.

Ant Farm 06.18.04

I couldn't bring myself to watch The Simple Life 2 – one episode of the first series was enough for me – but you can bet I'll tune in next week when they visit a nudist colony. However, the reality recap is still full of textures... and moments.

Reality Sets In 08.12.04

Where have I been? What's been going on? Who's president? I'm deeply sorry (allow me to pretend you missed me terribly) for the delay in the reality recap. I promise it isn't laziness – it's nothing a little electroshock therapy can't fix.

Bowling for Kilimanjaro 08.24.04

Comedy superstar John Heffron takes home the gold, presumably administering many noogies to his younger siblings in celebration. Camel-riding supervillians Mirna and Schmirna are sent packing. The nation rejoices.

KamiKarli, Meet MorganPaul 08.31.04

Olympic Fever hits fever pitch, Joe Schmo 2 wraps up, and The Amazing Race sights the finish line. Is it just me, or is the reality starting to feel realer?

Darling Nikki 09.07.04

Last Comic Standing comes back with an adjusted format, and Amazing racers get tired and bitchy, and in some cases way too attached to their precious, pretty hair.

"We know." "We know." 09.14.04

TAR finally unloads twin albatrosses Kami and Karli, who apparently have already asked their Magic 8-Ball whether they are going to lose. And, on The Apprentice, Raj carries the Phil Hartman Memorial Cane. Reality!

Relax. Yield. Relent. 09.20.04

With boardroom blow-ups, muddy meltdowns, and a broken ox, it's been a wild week in the reality realm. It's kind of a shame that reality programming is the scourge of television, because sometimes it's downright entertaining.