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How does the FAQ work?

Questions on the FAQ page may be submitted by anyone. If you're logged in to your onebee.com account, your question will be associated with that account; if not, you have the option to specify your name and/or e-mail address (just like when posting comments on the site).

(If you'd like to add a question, go to the ask page. To minimize spamming, asking FAQs is limited to logged-in members only.)

Responses on the FAQ page are contributed and maintained by the site's authors and readers in an ongoing collaboration, sort of like Wikipedia. Anyone can make changes to any response on the FAQ page; simply click the "Edit" link, type in your changes, and the modifications are published immediately. (All previous edits are archived, so erroneous posts – or vandalism – can be repaired without too much trouble.) Again, your name/e-mail information is accepted according to whether you choose to login or provide it, just like when you post comments.

With regard to why, who can say? It seemed like a fun way to have a flexible, responsive FAQ section that grows stronger from the ongoing contribution of the community.

Updated: Tue, May 19, 2009 - 5:55a