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Juno Trailer  Totally won me over before Gone Baby Gone last night.

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BrandonTue, 11/20/07 12:32pm

I mean, really, could any film be more likeable? Ellen Page is cute, and from the looks of the trailer, gives a pitch-perfect performance. Michael Cera remains the world's most potent combination of cuddly and funny. First-time screenwriter (and former stripper) Diablo Cody had a great feature in the holiday preview issue of EW. And if you don't like and root for Jason Bateman, Allison Janney, J.K. Simmons and Rainn Wilson, then you obviously also enjoy kicking dogs and gut-punching four year-olds.

Now Jennifer Garner, I'll admit, I can take or leave. But they can't all be winners, or the theaters simply couldn't hold all the ticket-buyers. The entire moviegoing infrastructure would collapse, and no filmmaker wants that on their conscience.

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