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4 1/2 stars (85/100)

Saturday Night

1986 · Doug Hill & Jeff Weingrad · 495 pp

Despite all the unbelievable quotes about Lorne Michaels's onetime commitment to daring, original, funny comedy, the most shocking part of the book was this, from the Epilogue: "[Joe Piscopo] is likely to remain at the very least a marketable performer on both television and film." Two very savvy authors once thought that!

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ACMon, 5/17/10 1:51pm

He he! It's funny– was just watching an old old Star Trek TNG ep that featured Joe Piscopo as a holodeck character who tries to teach Data about what's funny. For ages I've never understood why they chose him, of all the choices out there, to be that character. Then again, I watch Star Trek for fun so what do I know?

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