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4 stars (77/100)

The Wrong Guy

1997 · 1hr 32min · PG-13
IMDb · Netflix · Amazon

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Bee BoyThu, 9/8/05 5:32pm

2 requests for a review!

You bastards. You evil, evil bastards. You know I lost the Netflix DVD of The Wrong Guy recently: despite the fact that I swear I just saw it a few months ago, I spent an entire Friday turning over my apartment and can't locate the disc anywhere. You're just rubbing my face in it.

Well, fine. I owned up to it and came clean with Netflix – for $20+tax they'll write it off and send me the next disc in my queue, and hopefully if by some miracle I do find the disc in the future I'll be able to get my money back. (I just pray to God this doesn't cause them to boot me out of the group that's grandfathered into the 4-at-home program for the 3-at-home price.)

Meanwhile, I ordered it from Amazon because it's a really funny movie and I should have it. When I get a chance to watch it again, I'll put up a review. I started it back in February of '03. I can tell you the subhead is "The funniest movie you've never heard of." Which totally fits.


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