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2 1/2 stars (50/100)


2016 · 1hr 36min · PG-13
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A throwaway movie, dramatizing a news event with some added disaster porn, but nothing else of real value. (Nobody in 10 or 20 years will be saying “Let’s put Sully on again!” except maybe Eastwood.) Hanks is great, and there’s a fascinating deep dive on the specifics of what went wrong and how Sullenberger saved the day, but it’s a shame his good name had to be stamped on Eastwood’s bitter, distorted polemic against the malicious NTSB regulators, shown here as straw-man pencil-pushers hellbent on ruining the good name of the mustachioed dads and first responders who really make America great.

Worst of all, a complete waste of Laura Linney.

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