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1 1/2 stars (33/100)


2016 · 1hr 40min · R
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There is a clever story idea to be mined here, but this script needed about eleven more drafts to get there. The pacing never picks up from an awkward, creeping slog, the entire color palette is inexplicably beige, and the lens choice is wrong about 60% of the time (the kind of thing that wouldn’t even be noticeable if anything happening in front of the camera made sense).

It might’ve been saved by actors with enough experience to deliver dialogue convincingly, but the only two of those on hand show up in the final reel for cameos. Tighter editing could've helped, but if you cut out the awkward fumbling pauses this would be a 19-minute film. I wanted to like this; I love the ideas it’s trying to handle, but this was just a disaster.

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