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2 1/2 stars (52/100)

Cars 3

2017 · 1hr 42min · G
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I'll be amazed if Pixar manages to push this franchise any further. The toys are an obvious hit, but they could prop them up less expensively with a TV show. Pairing their inability to streamline the cast in sequels with the series' bizarre overdependence on exposition from in-world TV announcers, this one feels like a long, disjointed slog. I don't imagine the target audience will respond well to so little race footage and so much time spent in long dialogue scenes re-explaining the motivations of key characters. The locations, however, continue to be spectacular. (And, giddily, Broken Taillight and the New Carsmells is an ingenious name for a band at an old dive bar called the Cotter Pin.)

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Bee BoyFri, 8/5/22 6:50pm

Oh, and it turns out there is a Cars TV show now! I might try an episode or two; the format is a much better fit for these characters.

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