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4 1/2 stars (88/100)

Stranger Than Fiction

2006 · 1hr 53min · PG-13
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Taken as a whole, it’s a little hard to make sense of the script. But the film is immensely appealing based on its tone, graphic style, and top-notch performances. Ferrell delivers an endearing, understated version of “boring,” without pushing it for laughs. And Hoffman is delightfully absurd while remaining perfectly deadpan.

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BrandonSun, 4/22/07 4:04am

Having finally seen it, I can say that I would go one half-star higher with my rating. What a fantastic film.

And kudos to you for placing Tom Hulce's name in the credits despite the fact he only has one scene. Oh, Tom Hulce... why can't you be in every movie?

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