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2 stars (42/100)

Luther: The Fallen Sun

2023 · 2hrs 9min · R
Metacritic · IMDb · Netflix

They really should not allow Serkis in front of a camera that captures images. His performance style is always so broad, it’s like he thinks he’s still in a chimpanzee mo-cap suit. The strength of the BBC show was Luther’s humanity, his ability to read people, and the tricky choices he faced fighting for just outcomes with scant resources among morally murky circumstances. Putting him up against a psychopathic billionaire with an underground lair undoes all of that. No moral gray area when the bad guy’s as loony as this one, and not hard to discern his motivation while he’s monologuing and chewing scenery. This plays like someone wrote a Bond script for Elba, couldn’t get that sold, and just changed a few names around—it’s beneath his talents, and a crummy sendoff for a great character.

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