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Colorful Bears Interact with the World

I make a point of telling anyone who'll listen about TiVo's hilarious synopsis of the Care Bears animated TV show. It's brilliantly succinct and sublimely vague. It's as follows:

"Colorful bears interact with the world."

You can't beat that for generalizing the story right out of the actual show. No mention is made of their fantasy world or their unique special powers or anything. They're colorful and they interact. That's all we're given. Well, what if that same approach were applied to some well-known Hollywood films? It might look something like this:

(By the way, a game I like to play out of the newspaper TV listing can be played with this list, too. Print out the list and get a friend to quiz you by reading the synopses and see how many films you can guess!)

Jurassic Park - Island vacationers experience trouble.
Ghost - Pottery enthusiast meets paranormal enthusiast.
Good Will Hunting - Math whiz experiences friendship.
A Beautiful Mind - Math whiz experiences hallucination.
The Neverending Story - Truant imagines himself adventurer.
Showgirls - Women provide entertainment.
Citizen Kane - Newspaper tycoon dies sledless.
The Matrix - Computer hacker dismantles reality.
The Sixth Sense - Single mother struggles to communicate with her son.
Toy Story - Child's playthings are sentient, have adventures.
Billy Madison - Privileged moron resents moronhood.
Top Gun - Daredevil loves female co-worker.
Annie Hall - Manhattanites kibitz.
True Lies - Husband's secret life involves terrorists.
X-Men - Holocaust survivor antagonizes psychic and his friends.
Mrs. Doubtfire - Divorced actor dresses as a woman.
Auto Focus - Sitcom star divorces twice.
Wild Wild West - Civil War veteran expresses displeasure.
Jaws - Summer beachgoers avoid danger.
Shakespeare In Love - Playwright beds impostor.
Clueless - Half-siblings spark romance.
The Terminator - Time-travelling robot dies in factory.
Raising Arizona - Barren woman explores adoption.
Fargo - Husband/father seeks financial security.
Bambi - Talking deer adapts to orphanhood.
The Brave Little Toaster - Discarded appliances pursue reunion.
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Little person is custodian of magic ring.
Gremlins - Occult-store purchase spawns terror.
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Precious artifacts must be protected from opportunists.
American Beauty - Husband acts on impulse, daughter encounters misanthrope.
Heathers - The new kid in high school shakes up the social order.
Cinderella - Pariah gets a makeover and goes to a formal dance.

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