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Matrix Week

pH7media.com's first Theme Week

Hey ho, Trojans!

In a bold new move that's been in the works for weeks, pH7media.com is introducing its very first Theme Week! (Huzzah, and all that.)

In recognition of the pop-culture juggernaut that is The Matrix, we'll have all-Matrix content every day this week, leading up to the release of The Matrix Reloaded on Thursday, May 15. Bookmark this page if you like: new articles will be linked at left as they come online. Of course, they'll show up on the homepage, too.

As you'll see in our first installment, a review of 1999's The Matrix, I'm not some wacky Matrix nut or anything. The film, along with its ancillary concepts and tie-ins, simply provides plenty of material to chatter about for five consecutive days, and besides – I know a cash cow when I see one. No shame at all in hitching my wagon to Neo's elegantly loop-de-looping star.

So strap in, take the red pill, and enjoy a week of Matrix-mania!