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I'm through with local news—10:23 AM

Sure, I know it's a subtle transition from "hating and railing against at every opportunity" to "through with" but if you can't handle it, you don't have to read this site! (Wait! Come back!)

Anyway, the level of fluff and non-newsworthiness has always been very near its saturation point, but checking the local ABC affiliate's weather this morning, I was confronted with this:

Cool for Mom!

Now, I'm aware that the weather desk is to the rest of the newscast as the "wacky" senior class picture is to the "let's get serious now" senior class picture, but I still think this is inappropriately flip. This is a space that's ordinarily used to convey information, like "mostly sunny" or "humid," and that information is left out in favor of making it clear to the viewer that ABC 7 is aware that Mother's Day is this Sunday. Where's the fucking FCC when you need them?!

Update: (Saturday, 10 am)

Cool for Mom, my ass!

Those lying fuckers.

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