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It's here!—4:05 PM

As I was finishing lunch (and Family Feud) around 2:30, I was just about to write something like, "It's such a shame that my new digital camera isn't here yet. I'm really pleased with how today's outfit turned out, and I'd like to share it with everybody." Then I checked FedEx.com and they said the camera already was here! Sure enough, checked with the receptionist downstairs. It arrived two whole days early. Whee!

Now you can see the outfit, and – for the out-of-town readers – get your first glance at the new glasses and the 2004 'do! After way too many hours of Queer Eye and (Sunday night) an episode of Faking It in which a dry cleaner learns to be a fashion designer, I was inspired to see the potential in combining things that I don't normally put together. (Partly I was inspired, partly I was bored and didn't want to think about picking out clothes.) The result is below. I like it; casual but snappy – and with the new specs, it never hurts to wear a splash of blue. (The coordination with the color scheme in my office was unintentional.)

With any luck, the new camera will mean a lot more photography on this site. And no, I don't plan on making fashion a regular topic. I just thought I looked cute today.

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"AC"Wed, 5/26/04 9:41am

Wait! The camera link doesn't work! Which camera did you get??

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