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Tidball: Unplugged—3:08 AM

This evening, I had the great pleasure to dine with Jeff Tidball, of jefftidball.com fame. I'm delighted to report that he's as friendly, witty, and knowledgeable in real life as he is on the web. (And also, celebrating his seventh anniversary this week. Congrats!)

(In fairness, I have to admit that I actually did meet Tidball in person before I met him online, but anyone would agree that the bulk of our exchange has been blog-to-blog, which made the whole thing feel like a cyber-date ... or maybe just a tech summit.)

At any rate, we got together to hang out with a mutual – and mutually surprising – friend J-Zo (from my work and his film school class). It was a great time and it felt like things really came full circle – from Arksie and I growling "Tidballlll!" at the Oscar pool scoreboard, to me joining the growing community of jefftidball.com readers, to J-Zo saying off-hand, "my buddy Jeff Tidball's blog" and my head exploding, to sitting down for some nice pizza. Tidball: a worthy Oscar pool adversary, an erudite cataloguer of the Tidball experience, and a true gentleman. I look forward to more encounters in the future (although perhaps with less of the accompanying giddy anticipation – I don't need to feel any more like a girl than I already do).

Speaking of anniversaries, my parents' 31st anniversary is today, which is why the Wayback Machine is featuring my column about their 30th. xoxo, Mom and Dad!

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Jeff TidballWed, 6/9/04 5:21pm

And indeed, much fun was had by all, if I may be allowed to judge, being, as I was, present. And unplugged.

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