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Jurassic Park—10:47 PM

I just finished watching Jurassic Park on DVD. It's maybe the twelfth time I've seen it. I'm not sure exactly, but it's something lowish like that. I remember thinking when they (finally) announced the DVD release that I would probably just watch it once a week. I'm contractually prohibited from ranking movies on a list like "top five" or anything, but I'm sure it's number one or two. Sometimes I'll think that's a bit frivolous, there are so many more complex films more worthy, but then I'll watch it again and I'll remember. It's damn worthy.

It reminds me why John Williams is simply a genius. His score gives me chills right when I'm supposed to get chills, and it even works just listening to the CD. It reminds me why I wanted to make movies in the first place, and why someday, goshdarnit, I still just might. It reminds me why I love Spielberg. And most of all, it reminds me why I love Jurassic Park. This is what separates excellent movies from truly spectacular ones. All your top-tier movies give you something to think about, give you a thrilling experience, and immerse you in another world. The really amazing ones add one more thing: when I'm watching Jurassic Park it makes me want to watch Jurassic Park.

And, heavenly God that DTS mix is superb!

Also, after the film wrapped up I still had to have something on TV while I ate dinner. Olympic diving was on, but tonight's competition didn't feature my darling Anna Lindberg, so I found Lingo on GSN. Chuck Woolery is as batshit as ever. He's resurrected his "Two and two" catchphrase, and the show has added a sidekick for him since I last watched. The easiest game show hosting gig in history, and he's got help. Some cheap Pam Anderson clone with a British accent and a short skirt now handles the lingo board responsibilities and sets up new words for the puzzles. Plus, there's neon everywhere. It's a crazy scene, man!

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"AC"Sun, 8/22/04 12:40pm

Every time I see this movie, I'm reminded of how brilliantly these guys got CG effects right the first time. It's impressive that animated dinos from 1993 are infinitely more realistic and less distracting than 99% of what CG is being used for nowadays. To my mind, Spielberg and Zemeckis are the only two guys who should even be allowed to use this technology. Say what you will about these guys' films as a whole (and I've said plenty), but they know how to integrate subtle yet stunning SFX into a even the most banal story in ways no other filmmaker can touch.

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