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I Voted—8:41 AM

I did it for the sticker.

And you should, too. It was really a lot of fun. The line wasn't even that long. So, follow my lead, America! Head to the polls!

Hey, if you're feeling sporty, do like me and cast an ironic vote for Kerry. Pretending your vote counts... it's kind of cute, in a way.

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"Holly"Tue, 11/2/04 3:53pm

Voter Outrage In Colorado...

They did NOT have "I Voted" stickers at my polling place. I asked specifically, and the guy just shrugged in this appallingly nonchalant way and said, "Nope, we don't have them this time."

I always like wearing my sticker around, plus it's a great reminder to others to vote (because this election is so underpromoted).

Also, I believe MoveOn.org when they argue that EVERY vote counts, even in a non-swing state like California, because it cannot hurt to have Kerry win the popular vote no matter what happens.

Finally, in what might indicate good news, when I went over to the local Democratic HQ to volunteer this morning, they said they already had too many people and didn't need me...! does that bode well?

Go Kerry.

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