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Lake Shore Park, Chicago—7:47 AM

By popular demand, I'm presenting some photographs I took in Chicago's Lake Shore Park in June. They're really taken from Lake Shore Park more than they're taken of Lake Shore Park, but I hope they're useful just the same.

Although, by looking at them, the only use that I can think of is if you're an attorney trying to establish an alibi for that kid in the yellow shirt in some murder trial or something. Other than that, they don't say too much.

By the way, photography on this site is entirely free for your downloading and personal use. (This excludes pictures of specific people, like me, my friends, and my family. Please ask first before re-using those. You can re-use the Kevin Spacey shots if you want.) Click any picture to get a bigger version, and in most cases you can click that version to get a huge version. (If you need the original, hi-res image, feel free to send me e-mail.) If you're going to post it on the web someplace, I'd love a credit and a link, but I'll settle for just sending me e-mail (or dropping a comment on the site) to tell me where it's being used.

If you're planning to put it to commercial use, I'd rather be notified in advance so I can decide what to do. If you're going to use it in a TV show, then it's my intellectual property and I demand an associate producer credit!

And now, a brief journey through Lake Shore Park:

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"AC"Thu, 12/2/04 11:33am

Wow. Brief is right!

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