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Sedona Trip—4:53 PM

Last weekend I traveled to visit a friend in Sedona, Arizona. It's about an eight hour drive, my longest stretch as a driver, and much farther than I've ever driven alone (before this it was about 85 minutes).

The drive was actually pretty enjoyable, despite the fact that the landscape is mostly barren and boring along I-40 for the majority of the trip. I enjoyed the novelty of it, the ability to see so many places, and the feeling of self-sufficiency. (Out there on my own without friends, family, or even TiVo – it was a very new experience.)

Sedona is pleasant enough, although clearly intended for a much more touristy kind of visitor than I. Dopey tchotchke stores as far as the eye could see. We did a hike on Saturday – a lot of the same towers of red rocks that you'd expect, but very pretty.

Along I-40 somewhere between Flagstaff and the California border, I noticed a stretch of highway that had been adopted by "Anonymous." Of course, I immediately flashed to Zach Galifianakis's line, "At what age is it appropriate to tell a highway that it's adopted?" and that Seinfeld episode in which Kramer took custody of a mile and made it his own. But what really made me wonder is the "Anonymous." Very generous, considering the main reason for adopting a stretch of highway is the sign with your company's name on it – but does this mean that he comes out to pick up litter in a ski mask?

I'm attaching the Sedona Trip photo gallery to this entry, but as of now that won't mean any pictures show up on the home page. I'll try to work on that over the weekend, because that's just silly.

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Anonymous CowardSun, 12/4/05 12:26am

Will you get into detail of who the "friend" is?

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