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All That—10:04 AM

Clearly, I'll need to move faster if I'm ever going to get anything done. This is part of a larger scene, but I spent most of Saturday at a birthday party. So this is the work in progress as of Sunday night.

(Readers complained that the QuickTime movie was crashing their browsers. Windows readers, of course! I prefer the smoother, classier QuickTime – perhaps in the future you'll be able to set a preference for one or the other.)

Fortunately, I started with the most complicated part of this scene. Just about everything else is rectangles, so the modeling should proceed quickly, with a little time devoted to textures and lighting. For an idea of what to expect, view the planning sketches below. (I'm learning that most of 3D is planning, so by the time you get to the computer, you know exactly what you're aiming for.)

Come to think of it, this part would have proceeded much more quickly if I hadn't spent so much time designing the texture. I put in many little jokes for myself, and they probably won't show up in the scene. (Not that I mind that – it's the Bob Ross Code, after all.) Nevertheless, they'll show up better than this; for some reason, the texture that looked great in preview got all blurry in the final render. That's something I'll be fixing.

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