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Wouldn't you be concerned?—2:13 AM

As previously mentioned, I'm required to come up with a pose that says "concerned" by this Sunday afternoon. While I was killing time today waiting for a phone call, I started sketching a few brainstorms. This one won't do for the final assignment, due to its overdependence on props, but I thought it was pretty funny so I threw it together to share.

David Caruso would have something pithy to say in this situation.

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ACSun, 11/29/09 11:16pm

This one strikes me as "curious," like in the Sherlock Holmes sense. The stance and right arm seem too relaxed. To me, "concerned" means curiosity paired with something more malevolent, like anger/fear/shock/disgust.

Bee BoyMon, 11/30/09 11:33am

NOW you tell me! You realize these assignments are due at noon Pacific time, right?

He he he, yeah concern was a bit of a bitch, because it's all about context. Is he concerned about a weeping friend, or is he concerned because a wormhole just opened up under the kitchen floor and he thinks he heard the voice of his dead grandpa coming out of it? Given my anti-props, anti-storytelling stance, I was limited to some pretty boring poses of general concern – or some ideas that blended a tiny amount of vague storytelling to communicate a context of "caution" as in "concerned about doing something."

Anyway, I uploaded all the poses to the photo gallery, but I didn't get around to writing the entry about it. I'll do that forthwith!

Bee BoyMon, 11/30/09 12:15pm


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