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Alec Baldwin Rushed to Hospital, "Unresponsive"  Obviously, everything I care about hangs in the balance (30 Rock, the Oscars). Onebee will wait, naked and shivering, for updates on this story.

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Bee BoyThu, 2/11/10 10:46am

Okay, reports are replacing the word "unresponsive" with "fine," but I'm not going to be convinced until he shows up at my house and tells me he's okay.

Damn, fearmongering media, you got me... I'm impervious to your underwear bombers and your socialism and your "13 household items that are slowly killing your children," but this stuff is important!

BrandonFri, 2/11/11 11:19am

I had forgotten about this until the Wayback Machine brought it up. I wonder if that incident is related to how pale and bloated his face has looked over the past year. He looks terrible. I seriously spend about 20% of my 30 Rock viewing time each week worrying about Alec Baldwin's health.

Bee BoyFri, 2/11/11 4:40pm

Aw, man! I hadn't thought that at all, and every time you say anything I just attribute it to the way they let his hair grow kinda shaggy for about half a season. But now I'm gonna be thinking it, too!

Time to decrease my 30 Rock viewing by 20%...

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