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4 1/2 stars (94/100)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

1989 · 2hrs 7min · PG-13
IMDb · Netflix · Amazon

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ACFri, 5/23/08 1:12pm

Hmph. I'd take Kate Capshaw over that mannequin-stiff Alison Doody. (Doody is right!)

Bee BoyFri, 5/23/08 2:23pm

I'd take either over Cate Blanchett. She's nice and all, but I prefer Indy when Harrison Ford's Q rating is higher than his leading lady's.

Doody plays a tiny role in Last Crusade; it's ridiculous and unfair to count her uninspired performance against the rest of its awesomeness. (Plus, she was playing a Nazi sympathizer! She had to be stiff and unlikable! Spielberg didn't equivocate on the black-and-white of evil until Munich, and barely even then.)

ACTue, 5/27/08 1:26am

I couldn't agree more about Blanchett. She's obviously come down with a case of Morgan Freeman disease– she can't seem to say no when anyone offers her a part.

I'm saving my thoughts on the new Indy for when you post your review.

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