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2 stars (40/100)

Observe and Report

2009 · 1hr 37min · R
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Does not live up to the hype. (I seem to recall there was hype.) If anything, it makes Eastbound and Down a little worse, seeing how the arrogant-buffoon-with-lisping-mentally-challenged-sidekick idea was so completely recycled.

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BrandonSat, 4/21/12 3:09pm

Recycled by the movie, or recycled by the show? Because going by the release dates, it would seem that the show used the idea first.

And I haven't seen the movie, but there's no way their version could ever live up to Stevie, especially the comic heights he hit in this final season. (I could watch an entire show based solely on his wigs and eyebrows.)

Bee BoyTue, 4/24/12 7:24am

Who knows how long this script or the finished film sat on the shelf? Maybe the show did it first, but it sure feels like the movie was first because it's so amateurish and scattershot, while the show generally feels better constructed. In any event, the movie dragged down my appreciation of both.

But, now that Veep is on, I'll probably stop watching any other shows and quickly forget about them, so this is all probably moot.

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