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3 1/2 stars (70/100)

The Man with One Red Shoe

1985 · 1hr 32min · PG
IMDb · Netflix · Amazon

Falls short of its potential due to uneven pacing and a tone that's never nailed down between a darker spy spoof and a madcap farce, but it has a handful of ingenious comedic moments. The spy gadgets and methods are just the right amount of over-the-top and the entire supporting cast delivers superb work (except for a miscast Carrie Fisher). Sadly, there are only a few moments where Hanks's performance style is really allowed to shine through.

I imagine his head must have been spinning, starring opposite Donna Dixon, Darryl Hannah, and Lori Singer in such rapid succession—it's like he spent the first half of the '80s kidnapped to a planet of lithe, steely-eyed blondes with enormous hair!

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