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They've redone the Daily Show set again – even worse—12:53 AM

I don't (and won't) use Twitterwah! blogs are too long! – but I see why it works. Our cool, intellectual side knows this is ridiculous, but emotionally it feels like a lot of overhead to generate an entire post for a nine-word idea. Kudos to Twitter: they've managed to turn that dumb reflex into a meme.

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Joe MulderTue, 4/10/07 7:29pm

Every once in a while I'll see a post like this and I'll think to myself, "this is what's it's going to feel like all the time when I'm old."

Bee BoyWed, 4/11/07 5:25pm

Ah, we're all old. I had to skim this nice Slate piece about Twitter today, for fear of absorbing too much "Web 2.0" hype. From what I could tell, it seems to do an okay job of saying, "Why the hell is this a thing?" but I think I'd still prefer it if such projects received no press coverage whatsoever.

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