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Tue, August 30

CODENAME: Gummybear—11:51 AM

More pictures.

This is now my second entry in a row announcing a photo gallery of a tiny and delightful bundle of joy. I promise not to make a habit of it.

(For instance, the TV season is about to start: neither tiny nor delightful – and, thanks to Whitney Cummings, entirely devoid of joy.)

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Thu, August 4

Unboxing—7:25 PM

This week I got a brand new MacBook Air. I probably went overboard documenting its arrival and unpacking, but I was pretty excited to finally have a new laptop. (It's been eight years!)


Admittedly, the packaging design on the MacBook Air is nothing earth-shattering. Beautiful and minimal, as is Apple's trademark, but hardly worthy of all this documentation. Mainly, I did it because I'm still kicking myself for not making an unboxing gallery for my Apple Battery Charger, which arrived a few days earlier. Its packaging was way more fun.

Look at that cute little sled!


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