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By the way, did I mention? Fuck Best Buy.

So, as you may know, Wonderfalls came out on DVD this week. Ordinarily, I'd stop at Best Buy on the way home from work to buy it, but I didn't go to work Tuesday on account of the sewer repairs on my street kept me trapped in my driveway by trenches and piles of sewer mud.

So I dropped by tonight, and couldn't find it on the shelf. "Uh oh," I thought to myself. "Here's where the delicate equilibrium is disturbed." You see, continuing to shop at Best Buy has been a risky proposition; it's kind of like driving on your spare tire – everything's fine as long as the road is smooth, but as soon as you hit rough terrain there's very little separating you from certain peril. Now, my life was in the hands of the moronic high-school dropouts [Cheerfully withdrawn! –Ed.] who work there.

Approaching the guy at the computer was a waste of time: he couldn't look it up since he hadn't heard of it. (?) He referred me to a young lady who appeared to work in the DVD section, and she had seen the Wonderfalls set, but said that they had only stocked two copies. (So, clearly Best Buy is taking Fox Broadcasting's side on this – that nobody could possibly ever like that show – rather than Fox Home Video's side – that rabid, furious fans had demanded its release on DVD. They're quickly learning, as they sell out of their puny stocks, that we – the viewers – were right all along.)

She looked it up in another computer (a computer which, it should be noted, was having all sorts of problems due to the buggy custom Best Buy intranet running on an ancient version of Windows Internet Explorer – get Firefox, kids!) and found that only one copy of Wonderfalls was still in the system. But she told me that probably meant they didn't have any. (?) Maybe someone had returned it and it hadn't been reshelved, or maybe someone had gotten to it before me and hadn't made it to the registers yet. Tempted as I was to locate and tackle that person, I asked the associate if her 19th century tabulation device could access the inventory at the other store a few blocks away. She found that they also had one in stock, so I got their number from her, and gave them a call while I returned to scour the TV DVDs rack.

After waiting while the phone in the DVD section rang thirty times or so, I spoke with a blue-shirted, sullen high-school dropout [Cheerfully withdrawn! –Ed.] a few blocks away who also had never heard of Wonderfalls. I spelled it nine times, and explained that I already had the results of an inventory search – I just wanted him to find out if they actually had it on the shelf and, if so, hold it for me. He said this to me: "Well, one doesn't mean we have it. The computer doesn't update right away when someone buys it." Of course not! Why would selling an item of your store's inventory remove it from the inventory listing? I wanted to tell him that I knew all about Best Buy's ridiculous computer system and its many, many shortcomings, but that was beside the point. All I said was, "That's why I figured I'd call on the phone and ask."

He put me on hold for a minute, then came back and said, "Sorry, we don't have it." And we both pretended he'd actually looked for it, as opposed to putting me on hold for a minute, standing there picking his nose, then saying he didn't have it just to punish me for getting snippy. Fine. Whatever.

I tossed the Ms. Pac-Man game back on the shelf (I'd been craving it since Poppy and Mario let me play theirs over the holidays, but I'd be damned if I was handing money to Best Buy after this!) and stormed out of the store. I was really tempted to throw it in a fridge or clothes dryer or something – find that, computer system! – but if I'd done that, I probably would've opened the door to find both copies of Wonderfalls, a half-eaten Quiznos sub, and a baby in there already, and then I'd be forced to decide whether to abandon my brand new re-boycott and just buy the damn DVD.

It still amazes me that you can have an inventory system in which one of something is indistinguishable from zero of something. I know Best Buy's system is ridiculous, and it appears to be widely known that one and zero are the same thing (two separate people at two stores told me this within ten minutes – and in both cases they seemed to feel that having one in the system made it less likely that they had one on the shelf), but that seems like the sort of thing that would make it hard to do business. I mean, what's the minimum number of something that you have to have in order to be sure you have more than zero? Five? Ten? And – whatever that is – why not order that amount? What's the sense in ordering two of something if you can't tell the difference between two and zero? Might as well order ten; then at least you know you have one. Then again, maybe I've at last discovered the heart of Best Buy's computer system problems. If none of their computers can distinguish one from zero, that would explain a lot. Computers talk in binary code – and in binary code, one and zero are the only numbers!

I got home, called Amoeba Music on Sunset, and their cheery DVD stock girl said she had one pre-owned copy on sale cheap, and she'd set it aside for me. What a sweetheart. If it weren't for the abysmal parking, horrible Hollywood traffic, and the sinking feeling that I'm not cool enough to be there, I'd shop only at Amoeba. (I still feel "in the club" for having frequented Amoeba in Berkeley back before they sold out and went Hollywood, but that feeling fades as soon as I walk through the doors and realize I'm three piercings shy of the average.)

So, this time tomorrow, I'll have Wonderfalls in my hot little hands – and I'll be able to add it to the giant pile of DVDs I can't wait to watch. But, luckily, I can add it right to the top!

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BrandonThu, 2/3/05 3:56pm

Remember anecdotes like this, for they will be our generation's version of "When I was your age, I had to _______" grandparent stories. Our future progeny will likely be amazed that we had to deal with incompetent human clerks and occassionally buy our entertainment in stores rather than having it piped right into our home.

However, for future telling, you might want to clean up the language - little Mobil Quiznos Simmons doesn't need to hear that kind of talk.

Joe MulderThu, 2/3/05 5:32pm

However, for future telling, you might want to clean up the language - little Mobil Quiznos Simmons doesn't need to hear that kind of talk.

Oh, we've offended his Highness, Lord Lamenstein of Squaresylvania.

The bitch of it is: Best Buy is the only store anywhere near where I live OR work that has new DVDs for cheaper than sticker price the day they come out. It's also the only store near where I live or work that has any DVDs. So, if I want something, and I don't want to wait for Amazon, I pretty much have to go to Best Buy, and 60% of the time I get what I want (and cheaply, too!), and 40% of the time I just want to kick someone in the nuts.

Joe MulderThu, 2/3/05 5:32pm

Might want to dumb down those formatting tips, by the way.

BrandonThu, 2/3/05 5:51pm

Oh, we've offended his Highness, Lord Lamenstein of Squaresylvania.

Wow, Jameson's grandchildren will be royalty?! The future gets more and more interesting with every post!

p.s. The comedy perfectionist in me is distraught. The kid's name really should have more Jameson-riffic corporate references and a file extension in there... something like iPod TiVo Simmons.xpv. Ahhh, much better!

Bee BoyThu, 2/3/05 8:31pm

I have to agree with Joe, my kids will not be raised in a household where they're not allowed to say "Fuck Best Buy" whenever they want to. (Although, in this little play, I suppose Mobil is my grandkid, and who can say what kind of squares my kids will be as parents.)

But yeah, obviously I'm hemmed in with the same problem with Best Buy. That's why I was there on Wednesday night, and I'll be there again. The traffic fighting my way north to Amoeba was enough to convince me that it definitely won't be taking over the space at the top of my "frequently shopped" list.

Sorry about the formatting tips – to quote my AP Biology teacher (you haven't met her, but I was in love with her daughter for nine years), "I couldn't conceive of that mistake to tell you not to do it!"

Anonymous CowardThu, 4/14/05 12:02am

By the way yeah at best buy one in the system=fuck it im not gonna search for it :) I am working a craphole job that doesnt pay worth a damn and now i have to deal with a bunch of idiots who cant read?

"Best Buy Employee"Mon, 6/13/05 5:07pm

fuck the stupid bastards that cant look up for shit themselves...

"Another BBY employee"Mon, 6/20/05 7:22pm

If someone steals that DVD it still says we have it, and people steal shit like it's suppose to be free.

Bee BoyTue, 6/21/05 3:40pm

It's nice that Best Buy's representatives do the hard work of making my point for me. Hostility toward the customer and passing the buck. That's pretty much exactly how they treat me in the store, too.

Certainly there are myriad reasons why the inventory might be out of sync with the database. Theft is probably #1 – every time I'm in the Best Buy location where this story took place, its shelves are disorganized and items are all over the floor. The place looks like it's already been ransacked; I can see why thieves might get the idea.

First, it's Best Buy corporate's responsibility to do all it can to keep the database in sync with the items on the shelves. Better tracking, better organization, better inventory upkeep. But the employees at the store are the first line of defense.


"Ah, the computer system shows we have just one copy in stock. That's not always a reliable indicator, but let's take a look at a few locations where this item might be shelved. Follow me."


"I haven't heard of that. Ask her [points to Employee #2] to look it up."

Employee #2: "The system says we have one. That's the same as none. I guess we don't have it. [walks away]"

Anonymous CowardSun, 6/26/05 12:55pm

I work at best buy. And I understand your frustration with not finding your DVD. But you have to understand, when the computer says "one" copy left, it’s pretty hard to find it. Now before you get in a rage, about "why the fuck not", you have to understand we do organize our shelves (people come in everyday at 6am just to do so!), but other customers come in and move everything around. They probably did have you DVD "wonderfalls" in, but it probably was in another department, god knows where.

And I am sorry, but we are not going to search the whole damn store for one DVD. You have to understand, after you, there are another hundred customers looking for something. And for employee #1 telling you to ask #2, that’s because we are assigned places, and I am guessing #2 was in charge of DVDs. But hey I am glad you found your DVD at amoeba. I shop there to for CD’s. :D by the way, what best buy was this?

Anonymous CowardSun, 6/26/05 12:58pm

Oh yea, Best Buy is a enormous company, and they have windows because it is the easiest for CNS people to mange. Hey i have Fire-fox to, for my SINGLE computer. Fire-fox would not work for the hundreds of thousands of computers linked up on the networks. So you can shut up about that.

Bee BoySun, 6/26/05 6:08pm

To answer your question, this occurred at store #109 ("West LA"): 11301 W. Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles.

I understand that on the enterprise level, Windows is cheaper to install and therefore "easier" to support. I understand that Best Buy would never consider underwriting the massive switch to Linux or Mac. But it's still a very problematic operating system and Best Buy's computers (at least the one I was standing at) are running a very antiquated version – perhaps because Windows is so glitchy and labyrinthine that it's too much of a headache to upgrade. (Firefox vs. IE is a separate debate. Each is used by literally millions of people to connect to the Internet. Both run on Windows. There would be no problem installing Firefox on every Best Buy workstation – and it would be more reliable than IE 5.01 or whatever they're running. Again, I don't expect them to make this switch, but Firefox's ability to work on hundreds of thousands of computers is absolutely not the reason why.) However, an intelligent retail megastore would run its intranet on something more reliable, flexible, and scalable – for example, a Linux infrastructure – from the start. I know Best Buy is not that store; I don't expect Best Buy to be that store. But a store that focuses its attention on making its inventory system more reliable is a store I'd rather shop at – not that such a store exists today. I was mostly just making the point that their choice of supply chain tracking software falls in line with the rest of their choices: it's focused on making things "easier" for Best Buy, not delivering a more useful or reliable experience to its customers. Every complaint I have about shopping at Best Buy can be summed up in the same way.

Most of the employees I encounter at Best Buy are not at all interested in helping the customer or making the shopping experience easier. If our latest anonymous commenter is the notable exception to this rule, kudos to him or her. I'm impressed and very grateful. (And, s/he should probably work someplace else, where that commitment might be appreciated.) S/he's certainly in the minority among Best Buy employees. Hell, s/he's in the minority among Best Buy employees commenting anonymously on this page!

For the most part, working at Best Buy is considered "just a job," and these kids are there to hang out with their friends, offer extended warranties, and collect a paycheck. I can understand; I worked jobs like that at their age. But I still took them seriously – it really didn't take much extra effort to make a customer's experience markedly better. I don't necessarily fault these individual employees for failing to take that initiative – some of them probably did at first, but then realized that it was not recognized/appreciated/rewarded at Best Buy. Still, in my experience very, very few of them offer conscientious, helpful guidance – and I've had plenty of interactions at many different stores. It's the same at Home Depot: until the corporation devotes itself to incentivizing employee excellence, the customer experience will continue to be this frustrating whenever it strays from the comfortable path of walking in the door, retrieving the top disc off the shelf, and checking out. Woe be the customer who has a return, an online pickup, or a simple inventory question like mine. Customers like me can understand that it would be impossible to turn over an entire store looking for one DVD set. If some other customer has stashed it in a dryer or tucked it behind Cutthroat Island, it'll never be seen again. (But hey – just an idea – instead of standing around chatting, why don't the employees walk through and organize the inventory when they have some free time, rather than waiting until the next morning at 6?) Of course, my complaint about "one equals zero" stands, regardless of whether the item might have been lost or moved by customers, or just in the shopping cart of someone on his way to the register ahead of me. Because the inventory system indicated that this Best Buy store had only ordered two of the disc in question. If one disc is so hard to keep track of, what's the point of ordering just two? 50% of your stock is immediately assumed to be lost! Best Buy should be as aware of its inventory problems as its employees are: if it's generally true that having one of something in the system means it's impossible to find on the shelf, so be it – but then Best Buy and its inventory managers should reorder that item when the inventory drops below three. This DVD had only been released that day, so obviously there was no time to reorder. Therefore, the original order should have been larger.

Of course, that didn't happen. There's still a right and wrong way to approach the problem. My experience would've been vastly improved if someone said, "Hm. Only one in the system. That's no guarantee that it's still on the shelf, but I know a few places it might be. Follow me and we'll look there." Sure it won't always be there, but at least I'll feel like we've done all we could. Instead, two Best Buy employees at separate stores both could not be bothered to consider the fact that one might equal one. I'd have settled for someone simply confirming that it would definitely have been shelved in TV or Comedy – and not in some other area (New Releases, Box Sets, etc.) that I might have failed to look. Then I'd feel like the employee is knowledgeable and helpful, so I wouldn't be afraid to ask a question the next time – or just tempted to shop elsewhere. This takes a couple of extra minutes, but pays off huge for Best Buy. And, if there are a hundred customers waiting behind me, they'll be happier to wait because they'll know that their question will also get such thorough consideration. (Not that I've ever seen more than one person ask an inventory question at Best Buy. I'm sure they've all had experiences similar to mine – they've learned to keep a question to themselves if it's more complicated than, "Point me toward the digital cameras.") And don't give me, "Employee 1 probably wasn't assigned to the DVD section; Employee 2 was." My question wasn't about a DVD – it was about inventory. Every employee should be able to pull up the inventory system and see if an item is in stock. That's exactly the question I asked: "I checked in TV and Comedy; can you find out if you have it in stock so I know whether to keep looking?" He was standing at a computer with the inventory system open. He should have been able to tell me if the DVD was in the system. Then he could've referred my question about where to look to another employee if he really wasn't a DVD specialist. (Although I suspect he was, since he was standing in the DVD section using one of their computers.) Just like the "one equals zero" problem, his reaction is unacceptable not because there's no justifiable reason for it – it's unacceptable because of the way it was done. "Never heard of it; ask her" is exactly the sort of apathetic response I get whenever I ask anyone at Best Buy for help. The customer is treated like a nuisance – always.

Sometimes the customer is a nuisance. Many customers are a pain in the ass; I certainly understand that. But I'm really not: I ask questions only when necessary, I approach all employees politely and respectfully, and I ask clear and direct questions. If they're unwilling to help me – or have been defeated by an employment experience that does not reward or encourage them for taking satisfaction in a job well done – then Best Buy has failed.

Anonymous CowardSun, 6/26/05 10:20pm

Well I do only work at best buy for a pay check. I attend college, because I dont want to be those "high school drop out" guys that work there forever. But I just like to help people out, and even customers that are a "pain in the ass", you have to respect them. I think, "Hey maybe they are having a bad day, maybe I can make it better, but thats just my feelings. But come to Best Buy West Covina (wireless Dept.) and I will help you out :). Oh ya, im a guy :D -chris

"Bmoney"Tue, 8/2/05 9:29am

I fucking hate best buy they have the worst customer service and try to ass rape you with a service plans every chance they get. No one in the store knows any thing about there department and the mangment are fucking ass holes. Another thing why push PSP or ( Fucking retarted serivce plans , that dont do a damn thing) if you are not going to even make commission on them. At the end of the day I hope you go home felling great about ripping people off, who can barely afford to buy a computer as it is. I hope all best buys burn down, the mangment is still in there and I get to go piss on the ashes.

Bee BoyTue, 8/2/05 9:39am

all best buys burn down, the mangment is still in there and I get to go piss on the ashes

Add some felching, and you've got yourself an Aristocrats joke!

Anonymous CowardWed, 8/24/05 2:42pm


"Liquiflux"Sun, 8/28/05 8:23pm

First of all (about the whole buying dvd's thing), just get yourself a NetFlix account (www.netflix.com), order movies, then rip-&-send. Secondly, don't order shit online at bestbuy.com. The second you order it, it starts the shipping process... which can't be undone... ever.... ever ever ever. Even if you wanted to cancel the fucking thing, you couldn't. Trust me. Even if you wanted to simply change the shipping address you can't... ever.... ever ever ever. So I agree. Fuck Best Buy AND their "would you like a squishy" customer service reps.

Bee BoyMon, 8/29/05 8:32am

Comments of onebee readers do not reflect the opinions of onebee. onebee does not condone digital piracy. onebee loves Netflix and would never think of using Netflix like a cheap hooker. But, seriously. Fuck Best Buy.

"shutup"Thu, 11/17/05 12:45pm

shut up you whiny geeks. wa wa wa they didn't have my soap opera on dvd. wa

"Not a Spoiled LA Brat"Mon, 12/5/05 8:15pm

As an overall comment on this waste of time complaint, I'd have to say WTF! First off I work at Best Buy as well and would have to say that the MAJORITY of people in my store are pretty freindly and gladly help people. Perhaps the store in LA is staffed by tens of other spoiled little brats like you? It is times when worthless complainers come in whining about being able to find ONE DVD out of MILLIONS, make employees care less about helping you. Theres a simple motto you should follow IF ITSNNOT ON THE SHELF WE DON'T HAVE IT! You dont need a fancy computer system or a computer system at all for that matter to tell you that. You act like Best Buy's puprose in life is to piss you off. I can honestly tell you that we don't hide anything in the back with the intention of not selling it. Stupid customers will move things around the store all of the time and theft is always a flaw in the inventory. It is impossible to account for merchandise that is stolen. Do you realy think we ould ask theifs to provide us with a list of everything that they stole. How else would we be able to account for it? You can go into ANY retail store and find the same problems . Trust me I worked at Circuit City and Target before working at Best Buy and Best Buy is by far the best. I could understand why you would be upset if you were purchasing a more substantial product like a camera or TV and they were missing. High value items are inventoried much more frequently than DVD's or CD's. It would be impractical to physically count every single item in the store every night and that seems like you would be asking Best Buy to do? Our store does a monthly inventory of the whole store and that can not even keep quantities accurate 100% of the time. Maybe if you had a job working in retail you could get to experience first hand what Best Buy employees have to put up with. On a final note I will agree that it would not hurt for Best Buy as a corporation to upgrade their operating system. It is as you said a well out dated version of Windows, but that only means the computers are slower. Running firefox or whatever upgrade you suggest would not be able to account for stolen or misplaced product as I already Mentioned. And Honestly I feel sorry for you because your life revolves so heavily around this DVD that you had to throw a tantrum and "boycott". Oh and finally i do give you props for the "throw it in a refrigerator cuz thats so true and I must say funny.

Bee BoyMon, 12/5/05 9:22pm

(I have got to get out of the habit of responding to these, but it's so fun!)

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to hear that you work at the Best Buy with the polite and friendly people. You've certainly represented that group well.

It is times when worthless complainers come in whining about being able to find ONE DVD out of MILLIONS, make employees care less about helping you.

So, Best Buy shoppers, the key to remember is: don't enter the store with your mind set on one product. Asking, "Do you have this DVD?" is whiny and unfair. Be a polite customer and ask, "Do you have any DVDs?" Then the crack staff should be able to satisfy your request.

Stupid customers will move things around the store all of the time and theft is always a flaw in the inventory.

These statements are contradictory. It's because of the second one that I always ask the staff to check the computer inventory if I'm looking for a brand new DVD that was just released that week. Maybe it's been moved or it's in a "featured" section. It might be filed under "TV" or "Comedy" or "Box Sets." If the computer inventory says Best Buy has a bunch, then I'll spend my time sifting through all the shelves. Better yet, maybe someone in the DVD department might actually know about the new discs out that day and be able to direct me straight to the right section.

It would be impractical to physically count every single item in the store every night and that seems like you would be asking Best Buy to do?

Actually, I'm not asking Best Buy to do anything. I'm saying I'd prefer to shop at a store where the inventory is relatively accurate, and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable, particularly within their section. I'm not saying such a store exists. It may not be possible. But Best Buy is not that store. Best Buy is so accustomed to inaccurate inventory that it's become a given that one of something is the same as zero of that item. Best Buy's floor staff routinely act like I'm putting them out if I ask any question more complicated than "Do you have any DVDs?"

Maybe if you had a job working in retail you could get to experience first hand what Best Buy employees have to put up with.

I consider it one of the few successes of my life that I've managed to avoid such a job. With any luck, the economy will hold up (vote Dem in '08!) and I'll never have to.

But yeah, I'm sure most customers are shitheads. The problem is, if you allow yourself to treat all customers as shitheads, you're just "paying it backward" (as I like to say) and causing more frustration, which breeds angrier customers who are more likely to become shitheads. When I had jobs that forced me to interact with lots of dumb customers, I always tried to be super-sweet to them, to leave them with no reasonable complaint about my service (not that these people are ever reasonable). Nobody's perfect; everyone has a bad day now and then. But I'd enjoy shopping at Best Buy a lot more if the staff were trying to treat everyone like the best-case customer, rather than treating everyone like the worst-case customer.

Honestly I feel sorry for you because your life revolves so heavily around this DVD that you had to throw a tantrum and "boycott".

He he! Point taken. In my defense, I just bought the DVD elsewhere, because someone else had it. As I've stated often, I don't have the energy to boycott Best Buy (or even throw a tantrum). They have the cheap DVDs, so I still occasionally go there when I want cheap DVDs – although Circuit City's new promotional campaign highlights their low price guarantee and their friendly, knowledgeable staff, so I may have to give them a try. It's just a longer drive.

Oh and finally i do give you props for the "throw it in a refrigerator cuz thats so true and I must say funny.


"best buy blows"Sun, 12/11/05 1:55pm

i went into best buy today ... then as soon as i got home i typed in google "fuck best buy" it turned up many results as you can tell

as soon as i went into best buy ... i came ready to return a digital camera i got for $500 including a bogus $60 service plan ... the audio on the camera gave out along with the thing stopped focusing on the pictures ... so pretty much its a piece of shit now ... i got it 2 months ago so its within manufactures waranty ... i got a new service rep that didnt know shit because he was new ... so he brought out the manager ... he saw the problem and said we have to send it to get it repaired ... if its fixable we will have the camera back "fixed" ... if its not fixable we get a new camera ... So i start reading the service plan now and it says the following: "Products, including those within the manufactors warranty period, may be repaired or replaced with a comparable product, or we will issue a voucher for the original purchase price at our discretion"

So we went to a blonde lady sales rep .. after me and my dad had enough shit that we had to get it returned to have it serviced ... so she says okay i can get you store credit for this camera ... is that okay? ... my dad said yes ... she says one moment i will have to talk to the manager in order to see if you get the manufactor warranty cost included in that store credit card ... my dad says okay thats fine ... she comes back saying im very sorry my manager says we have to take it back to service before we can do anything ... my dad is being a pussy and i dont want to say " I WANT A FUCKIN CAMERA THAT WORKS NOW" in front of him because im trying to be a good kid ... but anyway the manager is being discrimative to me and my dad

See the blonde lady rep was going to give us store credit ... until the manager had his say that means the blonde lady had discretion and her discretion was we can get it returned ... then the manager said no ... that means hes being discrimative towards us which he said himself "we will not allow you to get store credit"

well my dad knows some people at the better business burreau.

So what would be your action in this situation????

"Blake"Sun, 2/19/06 10:17pm

seriously though, I just left bestbuy, terrible company to work for. I know im preaching to the choir, but that company is fucking ridiculous, its not even the employees as in salespeople who are bad, its the supervisors, sales managers, and general managers who dont give a damn, they think as long as they're number one in their district life is good. but CUSTOMER SERVICE is key not a fucking number on a score sheet! they wont realize that, and I had to leave, I couldn't deal with it any longer. its terrible... but sadly circuit city doesnt carry the product lines I like, but all i've got to say is best buys shit is marked up extremely high... car audio 70%ish, home theater 50%ish, computers only a few dollars, but cables for the computers...$40=$1.23 to me. terrible.

"adam"Tue, 5/9/06 8:02pm

Blake if you were so concerned with Best Buy not helping customers why didnt you stay to help pave the way for this. I personally think its up to the individual to help the customer not the store or who manages it when they are they. You probably were a employee who wants to blame others for shortcomings you could not fix. Overall Best Buy does care for the customer, but accidently hires associates who are lazy and dont want to help customers, then quit cuase they are to inthralled with themselves and making excuses why they cant help customers due to bad management

"thedude"Mon, 6/12/06 1:08pm

Honestly, who cares what these Best Buy employees say. Anyone who's ever tried to get a little help there can testify at how terrible it is. I understand that you're busy or a dick or whatever, but Best Buy is the bottom of the barrel. I hope your proud to work there, Heaven knows your family must be.

Anonymous CowardMon, 8/14/06 9:36pm

i like ass raping customers

"Luke"Tue, 3/6/07 10:41am

I can imagine that this is just a very small sampling of the people who have had horrid experiences at Best Buy however; my question to all of you is this - Why do you continue to shop there? If you have such an awful viewpoint of Best Buy all along? If so, why would you go into the store. Go to Circuit City or order online. By ordering items online you know exactly what you're getting as well as the price and delivery options. Beyond that, you would eliminate any sort of interaction with these 'miserable Best Buy employees'. Poor customer service is only half of the problem. People such as yourselves are the other half. Have you made an attempt to contact Best Buy's District or Corporate offices? I can say with the utmost certainty that, presenting problems such as the ones all of you are experiencing to upper level management will get your problems fixed. If you still feel that that would be a waste of your time, then there is an easier solution. Cut your ties with Best Buy! Don't shop there, don't patronize them and don't recommend them to others.

"FUCKBESTBUY"Mon, 3/12/07 11:03pm

fuck best buy... i worked there the customer service sucks assssss and no employee knows shit about anything!

"idiot"Wed, 3/14/07 1:24pm

I cant believe that everyone here sides with me when i say FUCK BEST BUY!

"idiot"Wed, 3/14/07 1:34pm

Youd think that if you spend $2000 on a laptop and spring for the extra service plan that youd get it, even better when you take it back to get work done on it that after 2 months that the fuckin thing would fixed but i must really be an idiot cause wasnt a damn thing fixed, actually they fried the motherboard replaced it then never fixed the actual problem and im the asshole! the fucken counterboy is a dildo infact all of them are and it seems the managers are too. why cant i just get the damn thing workin? at my job i do what i get paid to do, so maybe i should work there where i can fuckoff.

"BBY Employee"Sun, 4/8/07 4:17am

OK I also work at Best Buy, and yes the company is full of problems. The same problems that all major retailers are full of. My only question to the customers is that when you go food shopping do you ask the employess where they keep bread. No you look up and find the sign that says bread...then you go get your bread. SO as a customer you wanted to find " wonderfalls" take a second and look in the DVD section for the big ass sign that says TELEVISION...and then go look under the W's. If its not there...GO HOME. If one more person asks me where the computers are I am going to snap. They are located under the HUGE SIGN HANGING FROM THE CEILING THAT SAYS COMPUTERS. Yes I get a million legitimite questions a day which i have no problem answering. I enjoy most of my customers, but dealing with all the damn mouth breathers is driving me crazy. As a customer take a second and look for yourself....if you still can't find it , fine ask me. But if I tell you we don't have it...leave it alone. If you ask me a question...accept my answer.

Bee BoyMon, 4/9/07 11:45pm

It's a good point with the bread; unfortunately the analogy doesn't hold. All the different types of bread are always together in one place – no guesswork. There's no "New Releases" area of the bread aisle, separated from the other bread the way it is with DVDs at Best Buy. There's no confusion of nomenclature: wheat bread is wheat and white bread is white. Wonderfalls is a comedy and a TV show and a box set. I know I'd put it under "TV," but frankly, given my past experience with Best Buy employees (who may not be representative of every person who's ever worked there, but who are certainly representative of the majority of employees I've encountered) I've learned to be wary.

I was only asking the bakery people for their advice. I knew this particular type of bread was delivered just that very morning. I was surprised not to find it where I expected it to be, but I know there's some variability as far as where it might be shelved. There's a good chance one of the people who work in the department actually shelved this very loaf of bread earlier in the day, so if I can find that person, his or her counsel would really go a long way toward solving my problem. I think it's fair and reasonable to ask politely, which I did.

I hear you with the "Where are the computers?" gripe; I really do. But it doesn't relate to my situation because computers are bigger than DVDs. Much harder for them to be mis-shelved, wrongly categorized, or slipped behind other computers and out of sight. Unless your point is that you're so burned out on answering the computers question for blind idiots that when I come long with my perfectly reasonable question you're not inclined to give it any consideration. Believe me, I do understand that; I hate people, too. So very much. But if that's how you react to having to answer dumb questions from people, you probably shouldn't be in a service industry job. Sad as it is, it comes with the territory.

If its not there...GO HOME.

Well, in essence, that's exactly what I did. (Except I stopped at Amoeba on the way home and gave them my money for the DVD.) But, yeah, that was definitely the vibe I got from the Best Buy employees: "Can't find it yourself...TOUGH LUCK." Which begs the question, why even pay them to roam the floors? All you really need are cash register attendants and people to hold the door open for customers leaving without buying anything.

If you ask me a question...accept my answer.

I gladly will, if it makes any sense. "The computer says we have 1 but that means we have 0," doesn't make sense at all; I feel entirely justified in digging deeper. "If you ask me a question...accept my answer [no matter how ridiculous it sounds]" is not a good policy at all. That way lies... well, the Iraq war, frankly.

"bumblebee"Tue, 7/17/07 3:49am

if best buy is so horrible... then why are they the only electronic retailer not laying off employees (circuit city), shutting down half their stores (comp usa), abandoning entire regions (tweeter), or completely gone out of business (media play, tower records)?

Corporate Strategies and Advertising only go so far. Employee execution and customer satisfaction are the 2 biggest reasons why best buy continues to grow while the other big name retailers struggle.

Bee BoyFri, 7/20/07 9:49am

Interesting comment. Other than Circuit City, all of these retailers only serve a fragment of Best Buy's market, so they don't really count. If everyone's buying Dells online now, it'll take a bite out of CompUSA, but Best Buy also sells digital cameras and CDs, so they stay afloat (for example).

I'm not an expert, but I thought Circuit City was in a slump because Wal-Mart slashed prices on low-end HDTVs and the rest of the industry had to follow suit to stay competitive. HDTVs having the highest profit margin and the fastest market growth, this is a big hit. If Circuit City took it worse than Best Buy, it's probably because they do a lot less business in CDs and DVDs, so they don't have a cushion to fall back on. That's just a guess, though.

I also heard the reason Circuit City was laying off employees was to hire them back at lower wages. Maybe Best Buy already pays its employees so poorly, they don't need that strategy. That would explain why their employees are all so surly. (With obvious exceptions – like Chris, above.)

Anonymous CowardTue, 7/24/07 2:25am

You sir, are an idiot! Have you ever worked in a retail store? Do you live in the real world? If you are so smart with your college degree, why couldn't you find the damn tv show on the shelf?! By the way, employees are trained specifically to one or two areas, it is impossible to know everything about everything in technology. Do you know every single process at your company? Of course not, that would be redicioulus! IF there is only ONE copy of something, THEN it may be a return, or another customer may be carrying it around, or it may have even been ordered online for an instore pick up. If you can't find your stupid tv show on a shelf in alphabetical order no less, then you sir are an idiot! Maybe Best Buy should hire you!

"C.city"Fri, 8/10/07 12:25am


Anonymous CowardFri, 8/10/07 12:27am


"Bmoney"Thu, 11/15/07 2:29am

It is awesome to see Best Buy employees respond to this thread and essentially say; I do not want to find the product you (the cutomer) want, find it yourself. Also I saw a GM get fired today it was the best thing I have ever seen. He was all crying and acting like a bitch. Any time something bad happens to best buy people I think it is karma getting them. In all the time I have worked in the industry I have never seen a Best Buy employee actually help a customer. They always try to up sell, add on, or ass fuck the customer.

Also Bee Boy is like the best debater ever.


fancyariesSat, 11/17/07 9:22pm

I totally agree with you about BEST BUY! Fuck Best Buy! All they want to do is sign you up for their stupid Mastercard so they can make $90 for each one! Trust me...I worked there for one week, then QUIT! What a joke that place is~IF I owned STOCK in BB I would UNLOAD it! You rock!

"john milborne"Fri, 12/7/07 1:09pm

I agree and just have to express my contempt for the disturbing theme of the Best Buy Christmas advertisements. It is sad how much consumerism is promoted over true family values.


"John Doe"Sat, 12/8/07 12:54am

You guys aree all fucking mad. Best buy is no doubt the best... You fucking guys are all spaz... get lifes and get off the computer you fattys and go for a BIG WALK TO bestbuy.

k thankx and tal to you soon you bunch of fucktards

Bee BoySat, 12/8/07 10:07am

I know a six-year-old who loves that commercial, and while I acknowledge that its overall theme is a tad materialistic, there's a moment when the cute teenager renounces her friend with the piercing, calling her a "freak." If that message sinks in and this future teenager is saved, it will have been worth it.

(How'd that slender marathon runner John Doe, who never would do anything as spazzy as Google "Best Buy" on a computer – ick! – end up here? Anybody know?)

BrandonSat, 12/8/07 4:57pm

(How'd that slender marathon runner John Doe, who never would do anything as spazzy as Google "Best Buy" on a computer – ick! – end up here? Anybody know?)

Much like Spiderman's reknowned "Spidey Sense," John Doe gets a tingly sensation whenever his twin life missions – making sure fatties get lives, and stopping fucktards from dissing Best Buy – converge into one deadly stew of spazzdom.

For years he had walked the earth questioning his lot in life, wondering if these so-called "powers" would ever give his existence some true meaning. Finally, in the wee hours of December 8th, 2007, as he lie in bed contemplating his heroic dedication to this calling, he was alerted to the dangerous, prolonged escalation of this thread, and without hesitation, he sprung into action!

God bless you, John Doe! K thankx and tal to you, too!

"Mike"Mon, 12/10/07 10:49am

My favorite part is John Doe's e-mail address. I LOVE gaylord.com!! It contains all the information about homosexual deities that an ecclesiastical dandy like me could want!

Bee BoyMon, 12/10/07 5:56pm

Not only that, now I finally know how to protect my cherished copy of The Secret of the Gold Jaguar!

"FaultyLine"Tue, 1/22/08 11:04pm

This is so funny, I used to work at Best Buy (or Sh*t Buy if you ask me) althought I was NOT a highschool droupout and I ALWAYS had the same problems. The ETK (Employee Tool Kit) was horrible... The inventory system that you are so fond of (RSS, Reteck Store System) was worthless during the holidays as it would just die, and if people TRIED to use it during the holidays, the registers would go offline which meant no one could buy anything..... After we lost half a million at our store in one day (black friday) because of our junk computers, we FINALLY got a system upgrade, which still sucked... Believe me, I know your pain, I used to work at that company.....

Anonymous CowardMon, 2/11/08 10:44pm

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this. I realize it's a couple of years old. But while we're on the subject, please allow me suggest that you avoid Office Deopt and Office Max for the very same reason.

This past November I was scouring all of the aforementioned stores I could, searching for one very awesome ruby red office chair that only one store had that in fact was just a floor model. My experience (minus the existance of a floor model) was EXACTLY the same except for the name of the store, the product I was buying and the number of stores I searched.

I am 39 years old. But I can't be that old, can I? To be taken back by the overwhelming lack of common sense, common courtesy and customer service that would've gotten you fired back when I was younger and working retail. At one point, a manager said to the assistant manager (while I stood waiting for nearly 30 minutes) "Yeah ya' know I think we just "blind received" that chair." So what? You're admitting in front of me that your computer system gets updated to reflect inventory that doesn't even exist? While employees look for and I wait for something... that's not there!

Unbelievable. Isn't it puzzling how life in this country has unwravelled? One would think that over the years people both individually and as a group would become "better". Stunningly though, while my life travels have been limited to the North America it seems that over the years people only get worse.

One could more easily imagine telling one's friend or loved one something like "Yeah man, back in the 60's 70's or 80's people were BAD." Not true though. People in this country seemingly only go from bad to worse.

I'll part by saying that at the ripe old age of 39 the aforementioned behaviour doesn't bother me merely because it affects me personally. But because on a larger scale, this makes our country, our society weak and ripe for attack. And I'm not a conspiracy nut, I'm just speaking figuratively but as realistically as possible.

P.S. Don't shop at GameStop or EB Games (same store, different name) either.

Anonymous CowardThu, 3/20/08 2:13am

I work at a Best Buy as well, and I am so sick and tired of all of you whining bitches who are too stupid to find what you need. "Oh no, I can't find my DVD that I MUST have now or else I'll die! Customer Service was bad! Boo hoo!" Grow some nuts you stupid assholes. There is only about a million other places you can shop. If all you're going to do is bitch and moan and make life miserable for every employee in the store if we happen to not carry your product, go fucking shop somewhere else. We don't need your shit, and we certainly don't need your money that you could just as easily shove up your ass. Seriously, How would you like it if WE came into your place of business and started bitching up a storm and treating you like human pieces of garbage? And as for the PSP or PRP issue, we're just doing our job. It comes with the territory. If we didn't offer them, we would not only be fired from this job that some of us NEED to pay for bills and for schooling, we would also have whining and bitching customers who would complain that we DON'T have extended warranties once a product had some type of malfunction. If we happen to offer (NOT PRESS)them, you bitch. If we don't offer them and something happens to your product, you bitch. It's a lose-lose situation.All you have to do is politely say "No thank you, I'm really not interested at this time" instead of acting like some jackass on some high ass pedestal way above the rest of us "peons" that live to serve you, It's not that hard...really. Also, If you smartasses who think you're so fucking superior and have some type of solution to fix these problems and run the fucking company yourselves, I'm all ears. Go ahead, you peices of dogshit, enlighten me. Because clearly you have nothing better to do than sit around and live out your pathetic, miserable lives bitching about your service at best buy, or office depot, or home depot, or wherever. Retail isn't easy, trust me. It's not. But on the whole, it's a great job, you have a fun time, and you meet some awesome people, whether they be co-workers or awesome customers that make the job worthwhile. But then we get you soulless assholes who suck everything enjoyable out of it, and life in general. And as for the "high school drop out" remark, that is total horseshit.Everyone I can think of at my location is very intelligent and is very dedicated to getting the job done, and pleasing customers so they will come back again and again to enjoy our fine store and the products that we offer in it. You may have some problem with Best Buy, fine whatever, but don't be a fucking jerk and bitch about it to other people who have pleasant experiances there.
I've heard a few, no, QUITE A FEW people comment on how dedicated we are to pleasing people and how we are their favorite store. Don't attempt to sabotage our honest business because you have a stick up your ass. Take it somewhere else, because we could easily live without people like you as our customers. Take it to Wal-Mart or Sam's Club, because we don't need it here.

"Paul"Tue, 5/6/08 2:13pm

I am currently having a large number of issues with BestBuy. It started when BestBuy sold me a used Mac with someone's info and password on it and I could not wipe the drive. I was told that this only had been an open box and it was fine. That it even had been checked out. Then they replaced it with a broken one. I then took that one back and got a brand new one. The Store manager was rude and nasty with me. (other issues not listed at tis time as well). After a few months the new one had an issue and I took it in and they tried to tell me the Service Agreement they sold me was being altered because it was a Mac, I told them they could not re negotiate the contract down the road. They did fix the Mac but lost the box it came in (serial numbers and custom molded packing) and damaged the Mac! It had scratches all over it and they told me they were not responsible for the lost box or the damage! I spent over an hour on the phone with their Customer Service dept. after the store personnel refused to call them on my behalf, who told me it would all be taken care of. The guy (Paul) at the store told me it would be sent the next day and this was being given top priority. A week later I had no response. I can never get through to the store so I again called to the Customer Service #. In both calls the rep was not able to help only (escalate) the call. I had to get a supervisor on the phone each time to get answers. This guy tells me there is no record of my computer at the the store or service center. They don't know where it is and they think they lost it. I am at a loss with the deception. Who do you contact as a layer and do they do pro bono work on this kinda thing ? I had thousands of dollars of stuff on this Mac and use it for work. My info is redone5623@aol.com and my name is Paul

Also there are other issues like they packed up the Mac without my cables and left them in their work area. No doubt if I had not called them out on that they would have said I never gave them to them. I have not had one good experience with these people. I see that this is typical from all the postings on the web about them. I am well spoken and would love to talk to the press about this.

"Lynx"Sun, 6/15/08 5:59am

Ok ok, I just had to post here after i typed 'FUCK BEST BUY" in google, and yes I turned caps lock on. So, my friend gets back from Thailand yesterday and he wants a laptop when he got back. I am decently knowledgeable with computers so I offered to go with him, select a laptop for a decent price and set it up for him. The laptops these days come with vista, in fact they are "optimized" for vista, but frankly, Vista is a piece of shit. We purchased the laptop and proceed to get hassled by the security guard at the exit, receipt in the bottom of the bag, hands full, i proceed to fish and find the receipt and when done so this bright young man checks the items off with a highlighter without looking in the bag. I proceeded to respond with the witty comment, "Thanks for making me feel like a criminal" All this is completely beside the point tho but comical in retrospect.

So, I decided i would do my friend a favor and install Windows XP for him. I looked up the drivers for the laptop i wished to install XP on and HP, the laptop brand, had all of the drivers for XP for the machine in question.

I proceed with the install neglecting to make a start up disk, my cardinal mistake, you see, I figured the god damned laptop came with its own recovery disks and i just had not opened em yet as there was a bunch of packaging in the box. I have never set up a system that did not have start up disks. Anyways, The XP install goes fine, i install all of the drivers, but the wireless card won't respond. I run some diagnostics checks to detect hardware, and it is not detecting any wireless card. The Best Buy spec sheets for the laptop specify the machine has an Intel wireless card but the HP website specifies a different series of Intel Wireless card....

I download some software from intel to detect your intel wireless card. It says it can not find a god damned intel card. So here I am, baffled. I can't open the laptop because it will void the warranty, so I tell my buddy, they've fucked up, they are listing a different wireless card than what is in the machine.


Security guard marks the laptop box as an exchange as that was the original plan. We go to returns/Xchanges and the guy tells us no worries, go look for a laptop and come back to me. I had just recently read some things about the laptop he had purchased and some bad things that could arise so I advised him to get another laptop. We searched but could not find a suitable laptop within price range and capability to match so I told him I remembered a good local place that we might find a better deal and computer. We go tell the guy at Xchange that we were just going to get the money back. The 'geek squad' lady comes over and tells me she tried to start the computer but 'it wouldn't start'. I said ya, I know it won't start, I formatted the hard drive before we came here. She proceeds to tell me that voids the warranty and any return or exchange, but for the low price of 59 dollars they can load the start up disks and we can come back in 3 hours and THEN return the laptop. I think this is bullshit right away and question her decently about the subject, the only thing wrong with the comp is the wireless is not working on XP. I tell my buddy lets go look at some wireless cards that can plug into an internal bay in the laptop. Side note, while we are over there looking, i talk to the HP rep there and ask him which operating system he uses and he promptly says XP, yet here we are being forced to by a 'VISTA' only laptop. She gives us a wireless card and guarentees us it will work in our laptop. We make the drive home... and its TOO BIG. This geek squad expert who lectured me for 10 minutes about the 'dangers' of downgrading to XP and how i was pretty much an idiot who did not research and take proper care sells me a card that doesn't fit. We go BACK to best buy where we talked to another employee, informed him that we were dealing with her, he gets her attention and as she walks by, glares at us (no one near her) and says she is busy with a customer (you know what fair enough, i worked in retail too, but she never came back, I would always come back.) So we end up biting the bullet and paying 59 dollars for some high kid to burn us 3 recovery cd's that took 20 minutes.

I install the recovery, vista is on now and i hate it lol, before anything even loads, I get an error message that windows media player could not be installed. Whatever, i could go on for hours, but if you have taken the time to read this rant, refer back to where I was mentioning Intel wireless cards. I go into device manager to see what the card actually is as the recovery disk had its driver, and its a FUCKING BROADCOM, not Intel, like best buys spec sheet stated, not what HP's website stated, so I never had a chance pretty much, got my ass handed to me by some geek squad woman who lectured me about carelessness then proceeded to sell me a wireless card that didn't fit when she had the exact computer floor model at here disposal.

Sad fact is, end of the day best buy won, they got there money and it fucking sucks. One thing I can assure tho, is the only reason I would shop at best buy again, even tho it wasn't my purchase, is to buy the stress balls they sold at the counter (And I actually wondered at the initial purchase why the fuck are they selling stress balls at best buy)

Thanks for reading this tho if you got to the end! It was a good outlet, so i will end with my google search.... FUCK BEST BUY

"Shane"Tue, 8/12/08 8:04am

I bought a printer from Best Buy 2 years ago...my service plan expired recently, and they sent me an application to renew it. A 3-year service plan was well over $100...and I only paid $150 for the damn thing!

Also, last night (which oddly enough is why I Googled "FUCK BEST BUY")...I saw on their rack of $9.99 movies several copies of the Serenity Collector's Edition. The sign even said "Serenity". I snatched one up in a heartbeat. Except that once I reached the register, I found my total to be over $20. When I asked the cashier (a very nice girl), she checked with the manager. The manager said that they were out of the regular movie and the collector's edition wasn't part of the deal. So what nearsighted jackass stocked 5 copies of the wrong movie in the rack?


"Todd"Tue, 9/23/08 10:29am

Do what I did last year on vacation and get even, justice, your money back and a great sense of returning power to the customer. I ran into lots of Best Buy crap over a return that was indeed covered by policy, yet I could not obtain even with my roommate working behind the counter. So after consideration I went to four separate Best Buys out and away from my local area while on vacation. I purchased items I liked and always wrote a check and always for under $200. Then I called my bank and stopped payment on all four checks as they were defective - I claim defect if returns are denied for reasonable reasons and was simply waiting for BB jerks to take me to court so I could explain but it never happened and now won't. This folks is not a returned check scenario...as in you can not legally be placed on a returned check list. One group tried and I told them I did not bounce a check but placed a stop payment and they removed me from their reporting and returned my check to Best Buy - I could sue the reporting check company and BB jerks as this is actually false credit reporting violating federal law but it would cost too much and who cares. My claim was faulty merchandise and now they have to pursue me in small claims court which is very expensive and it's very unlikely the company would ever pursue it as they would spend more then they could recover. I also placed an electronic stop payment so an electronic payment could not run through my account - like a debit card transaction. It gets better...I live in another state then the bordering one where I made my purchases. I can't be forced legally to return to that state for a civil hearing...laws don't allow it for suck small amounts. The result is they have to sue me where I live which laws make difficult and it is also more expensive for the company. The only better way to do this to Best Buy would be to actually close the checking account after stopping payment on the checks, then there is no account to attempt to electronically access. So now we are even Best Buy. Thanks for the free digital camcorder, Blue-ray player and video games. I have now made a profit off of you and it's been over a year so you can't legally sue me anymore. Now that's justice! Shove your returns where the sun won't shine except at your life partner love in fest.

"BBY can suck my sack"Sun, 12/14/08 1:01pm

As a former Best Buy Corp employee, I concur. Fuck Best Buy!!! If you have a shitty store experience(and how could you not with those thumbsucking morons) call corporate and bitch. They will cut you a $35 gift card so fast. Hell make shit up. Just remember that their database(still obsolete) does keep record of gift cards issued. Call them 1-888-BEST-BUY

"Real Geek"Thu, 12/18/08 8:15pm

As a former Geek Squad supervisor from years ago I can whole heartidly say Fuck Best Buy and Fuck Geek Squad. I've seen managers to horrible things JUST to not take a return, from kicking old men out of the stores to outright LYING to employees. I've seen Geek Squad go from experts to out of rehab junkies for pathetic pay charging 300 DOLLARS to not know what they're doing except for running a disc. A despicable disgusting thieving company as a whole, avoid them like the plague. Fuck that company.

Anonymous CowardSat, 1/17/09 10:19am

Dude. You are a clown and whining about a fucking DVD you could have gotten anywhere. Your whole story is biased from the very get-go and even if they did have it you probably would be bitching about something else. Cry more

"Sean"Fri, 1/30/09 4:10pm

Imagine that – you goggle for "fucking bestbuy", and lo, the web-using world has already been there.

Just thought I'd share two cents: It's a damned sad situation when a Bestbuy located in a city an hour and a half away is the best option one has, for getting some stuff. Amazon can work, and – hypothetically – can work real well, but the delivery can be a hassle.

Bestbuy = happy fuckin' tech-silly land. Serious, there's something in their approach to BestBuy marketing that looks like it must inspires some genuine stupidity.

When it's the best option available in the area, I guess there ain't much to do but to bite the bullet, go, get the stuff, and gets out of there quick. Their web site's buy-online-pickup-in-store option is most useful, for this, minimizing the amount of time one has to spend in the store.

...that is, when their fucking web site is available. It has actually disappeared, sometime this week – or something real funny is going on in the DNS and whatnot.

If that doesn't beat all, when this supposed "tech giant" or wtf can't even keep their web site running ... I guess one of their geek-squad dorks must've tripped over the power cord ;)

"Best Buy Employee"Tue, 2/17/09 12:31am

Fuck Stupid Customer's!!

Bee BoyTue, 2/17/09 11:19am

I'm pretty sure I saw that on a banner above the door at Best Buy that day. Even if not, it was definitely in the heart of every Best Buy attendant I met there.

"Best Buy Employee"Mon, 4/13/09 12:56am

its very sad and upseting that you had a hard time findind your DVD. i am a former media sup and inventory sup and yes it is hard to keep up with so much product coming in and out, but 1 doesn't equal 0, there truly is one there, now where it came from may never be known. the employees did the wrong thing and i would have wrote them up if i was their sup. but dont put all best buys together. the store i work at is not this way. i could get stuck in a dept i have no idea about and i will do my best to help.

i hate to say it but it sounds like you've never worked retail before, and if you havent its damn hard! and its the best some people can do.that said its very low of you to call the people who work there high school drop-out morons, there are alot very smart people who work for this company.

i hope you do shop with best buy again and if you do have a bad exp. please inform a manager so they can do something about ( and they will) because even tho im sure you dont believe this good customer service is best buys #1 goal

"Chris"Mon, 5/4/09 10:35pm

Awe shut the fuck up. Quit whining about a TV show that obviously sucked and that is the reason they didn't carry that many of that stupid ass show. What if they ordered 100 copies then 97 would be sitting on the shelf making them lose money off of (did I mention?) a shitty TV show. And to the former Best Buy Corporate dumb ass who probably lost his job due to getting laid off because he didn't know how to do his job in the first place BOO HOO.

Bee BoyTue, 5/5/09 8:19am

Sure, it would admittedly be far easier to find my favorite entertainment if I liked what everyone liked (wall-to-wall Fast & Furious and Two-and-a-Half Men for me!). But nobody likes what everybody likes. Otherwise, it would be like Russia, where there's only one TV station and only one TV show: Pacifying Amusements & State-Approved Political Updates Hour (with Ryan Seacrest). You don't like everything everybody likes either – I bet you love at least one sucky band that nobody's ever heard of, and if the closest music store to your house said they had the new album in the system, but none could be located on the shelves, I bet you'd be upset, too. You might even write an overlong tirade about it and find yourself still defending it against poorly-spelled assaults four years later (there but for the grace of God...).

I don't think Best Buy should stock 100 of everything. I think they should do the same math you did and realize it would be a good idea to have three on the shelf. But, if it's widely known among Best Buy employees that three is so few that they will immediately be lost, unaccounted for, and will never reach a customer – then, yes, they should probably order five or so, just to be safe.

"best buy employee"Wed, 7/8/09 12:38am

hey bee boy your the typical newb that comes in to a store not knowing shit and think your king!!

what a TOOL!!!

Joe MulderWed, 7/8/09 1:09pm

I didn't even know that Bee Boy had a king. And what is "best buy employee" alleging that Bee Boy thinks his king does (or is)? I'm confused. And it's clearly not due to the fact that "best buy employee" is too stupid to write basic, simple English sentences that properly employ the word "you're," because "best buy employee" is clearly a genius.

[honestly, though; can you imagine walking around in life and having that be the best you can do? "your the typical newb?" "think your king?" You really just feel bad for this person, more than anything]

Bee BoyWed, 7/8/09 3:20pm

[You can't feel too bad for them; they do get to work at Best Buy. I assume at a VP level or higher, because no Best Buy employee I've ever met could possibly write this well. I bet they get their pick of new DVDs before they come out – so they've got that going for them.]

But it may be a simple typo. I believe "best buy employee" is referring to my typical weekend pastime, where I walk into a Best Buy store, spout off a few numbskull phrases until it's clear to everyone within earshot that I don't know shit, then go home and thank my king.

It's just a thing I do.

Joe MulderThu, 7/9/09 4:54am

Well, yeah; you've got to thank your king. That's a given, I'd think.

Also, it would make sense that the employees would get their pick of DVDs before they hit the shelves; that would explain why it's essentially impossible to find anything that's less well-known than, say, THE DARK KNIGHT anywhere at any Best Buy store on the day it's actually released.

"BBY Employee Sean"Thu, 7/9/09 1:05pm

I work at Best Buy, I am a 17 year old High School student that is going to Notre Dame next year, and i totally understand why you're angry. I work in the Media department and deal with this stuff all the time. The thing is, retail is tough, and don't say it isn't because if you are so above it then i assume you wouldn't be able to understand it anyways. Maybe the employees that you spoke with weren't the best? Maybe the way you spoke to them wasn't completely respectful? I for one only give back the respect i get, especially with customers. i.e. If you're a dbag, i'm a dbag right back. As with the RSS system differentiating between 0 and 1, it definitely is NOT the best. However, there are a number of explanations for why it wasn't perfect. For one, it has to basically set itself offline after 7pm to send inventory numbers to the district Inventory system, meaning purchase's made after 7pm will not show up in the RSS system until the next morning at 9am. In addition, it usually says 1 in stock if the next shipment is to arrive within 48 hours, which isn't really all too solid of a scheme. Also, the reason the DVD would not be in New Release's is because of the demand. If we were only sent 2 copies, it's for a reason. The company looks at the AST (Average Shelf Time) of anything from a previous season of the same show, same genre, etc. and if it over 14 days it is placed in the TV series section as the demand is not high enough to place it in the New Release section. Meaning the New Release section should really be named the "Extremely Popular Mainstream New Release Section" which i do not agree with at all, as i don't like The Fast and The Furious or Two And A Half Men either. It is sometimes very hard to find things in such a huge store, and ill admit, i hate the way things are done sometimes. As for the "first pick" at ANYTHING, thats is completely not true. If an employee was to purchase a DVD/Game/CD even the night before it was released, we would be immediately sued by the company who sent it to us for something along the lines of Copyright Infringement. Think before you speak. As for the Product Replacement/Service Plan issue, we are forced to offer them. If we don't offer, we get fired, end of story. Yes it is usually pure profit, unless the plan is actually used (which is quite often) and then we actually do lose money, and you do get a new product. Heaven knows that if we didn't offer it and your Xbox/Camera/TV/Computer went down the drain that we would be the first to hear about how the plan wasn't offered at the time of purchase, so it's essentially covering our asses to cover yours. If you don't want to hear about the plan, don't take it out on the employee, just plain don't listen. If you can't handle that then maybe you should just stay inside more often. As for the shotty computers that the employees were using, yes, they are sometimes and most of the time slow as hell, but that's definitely not something the employee, store, or district can do anything about. I can't wait for the day all the stores get new computers, but until then we have to cope.

Bee BoyThu, 7/9/09 2:47pm

Thanks, Sean. You rule. And (in case it wasn't clear from the original story or some of the other comments – and it's a lot of reading, I realize) I'm always super-respectful in the store. In the comments on my own blog, sure, I get a little snippy, but in the store I'm an angel I promise. Anyway, thanks for sharing all your insight. Ranting at d-bags is a lot of fun (a LOT), but it's interesting to hear the real stories, too.

Joe MulderFri, 7/10/09 2:50pm

Yes, if they were all like Sean, things would be better. Still, in a time when I can Tweet about a shit I just took and anyone in the entire world can read it instantaneously, the idea that a Best Buy can't keep track of exactly how many "Family Guy Season 3s" they have in stock is absolutely indefensible.

"Best Buy Employee MD"Tue, 7/14/09 2:53am

Personally I've worked several different spots in the past few years and im finishing school in the mean time....as far as dvds go I have never had a problem looking where things should be or even going to wharehouse to check on something we recieved day of...

I love movies and im familiar with most titles if not because I've watched them at least because I've stocked them....

I have customers who always track me down because they know I know my shit...

I don't care about recognition from management because it is a bias system there but I know if a customer comes looking for a product and its my job to help them find it I am more than happy to actually be good at my job....I have been Lost Prevention, Inventory, Merchandising, Media and Home Theater...

I was good at them all and best in Media (games,music,mp3, and movies) I found myself still getting better at doing that job....Anything worth doing is worth doing right is my moto....

I understand we can't make every customers happy and I can honestly say very few people inside the store actually get paid to really do their job....Most of them are lazy fuckers thats the sad truth and we all have those at our jobs...

I can't get mad for how personal some people on this thread has taken their mistreatment at best buy...I hate being forced to sale credit cards, and mastercards and forcing service plans though they aren't all crap but sometimes not needed...

All in all its comes down to pride in your job...I hate looking like I don't know shit so I work harder so im not caught with my pants down hell I even google song lyrics to find a song and album for my customers because its not a hard job....I have worked construction and moving companys and im only 24 years old compared to those typing a few words in a computer is cake.... I don't understand what some people have against doing their job but im great at what I do and I love a lot of the things that I sale so I make my business to know about them

"Best Buy Employee MD"Tue, 7/14/09 3:13am

The inventory system is fine I understand 1 or 2 means misplaced or stolen but we key out stolen products to when we can't find them to keep correct count....The part I hate is when someone doesn't atleast look where the product should be before dimissing customers....

Happy customers make my day because some customers are Dumb fucks but they aren't all so bad, some I joke and have fun talking to because im a human being,

Retail is a shitty job because you are overworked and underpaid most the time...I have a lot of power and experience minus the pay but I figure fuck it im not trying to make a living there moving up so and it gives me understanding to others jobs elsewhere...

Im not hear to lash out against folks cause I understand but im just saying it how it is.....you either get a good employee or an ass...I sometimes can't help but think that if their were to other Me's working in a department shit would on point but it ain't that way instead I work with people some of which should have been fired long ago....

Even I've had a customer that wasn't happy with me here and their but it doesn't make me hate them all......What a lot of people who work their lack is independence...They need their hands constantly held...Not many of them know how to come to their job and just know what needs to get done to help the company they work for........I respect the fact that I work there and its my job to make them look good so I try to do just that even though half the time im so angry at coworkers and management I'd rather push a bullet in my head without the gun lol....

Usually the people better to ask questions in the store are the people who are doing something task wise.....They may not all be happy to help but I bet they know more shit than some of the sales associates....

I personally could give a fuck less if we are number one in the district as long as im doing my part its not my job to manage everyone else because im not a manager and if they don't know why we aren't reaching goals than they don't deserve to be managers

"JD"Mon, 7/20/09 9:27pm

Hey, I completely understand your frustration. I am an employee there and it confuses the hell out of me. We are a fairly new store, so stuff isn't that bad here, but I still notice the chaos. This morning we had a nation wide system crash. Our only working system was our registers and any other thing was down. Working there you find out how chaotic it is.

I work in operations, so when you need something found, a lot of times it falls on my shoulders, and I do scour the store for what you ask. I got to experience SO (sales operator) for the first time yesterday, and basically that involves me answering the phone, answering questions, and holding products for pickup. If the computer tells me one in stock, I search every possible location before rejecting the customer.

Our store has become more about numbers than the customer, but I still hold true that I will help anyone with every problem they face that I can answer, and when we don't have something in stock, I make phone calls, check stores, and tell them other businesses that may or do have it.

I value my job, but I am one to please others than to help revenue, I have top sales for my department in many fields, but simply for the fact I don't B/S someone to buy something, I relate it to them and show them how its beneficial instead of blowing smoke.

Not all Best Buy employees are incompetent, just most of them.

Anonymous CowardSat, 7/25/09 3:25pm

i hate it when people complain about shit like this, trust me if best buy was as shitty as you idiots make it seem, would they be the largest electronics retailer in the world? so what u cant find one movie, go try walmart see if their customer service is more to your liking.

"Hope To Help"Mon, 8/17/09 1:06am

I work for best buy, and im not saying anything against everyone saying that the floor people have terrible customer service. I cant tell you how many people come up to me (i work in geek squad) telling me how terrible their service was in the computer department or how the sales associate told them one thing about the computer but its the oppisite, but on the other hand I was on the floor once apon a time and i did everything i was able to help the customer and get them only what they needed and what they could afford. Not all employees are the same and most of them are just there for a paycheck. I graduated college in gaming and simulation design but all through college, i was working at BBY and put as much effort towards my job as i did my school. Most employees do not give a shit about anything but when they get their break or when they get off. I am very sorry that you had to deal with one of the stupid employees but not all of us are the same... some of us enjoy our jobs and want to help.

"Chris"Tue, 8/25/09 2:25pm

I am a Best Buy employee. I am not a high school dropout. In fact, I am working towards my MBA. Our systems are not flawless, I am sorry you had a bad experience but there are reasons to our system's madness, although I do not agree with them. One stunningly brilliant thing our systems do is operate off the same network as our POS systems and our regular computer systems, causing a large delay in computer speed. However, this is done so that all transactions recorded at a POS are send to our inventory systems. It takes a half an hour to update our inventory systems as well as all of our tracking systems due to the high flow of traffic and sales in our stores. I do not agree with the attitude that our employees showed to you, in fact that goes against all we teach our employees to do. They should have made a better effort to locate the DVD and help you as best they could. I am sorry they did not do this and sincerely hope you give us another chance to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Anonymous CowardWed, 9/16/09 2:03am

I will say this in response to (well, you read it) the previously mentioned article. I agree that Best Buy's computer system, or "RSS", as anyone that has researched the subject can easily deduct(you ignorant FUCK!!!!) is no where near perfect. In fact, I HATE Best Buy. I, however, own a sizable share of the company, and I am very drunk... and very bored. I especially LOVE when some POVERTY STRICKEN F U C K B A G who is looking for a DVD is forced to go to a local retail store to find it. YOU WORTHLESS FUCKBAG. If you're so wonderful, why the FUCK are you going to a RUN-TO-THE-MILL retail store to get a god damned DVD for your PRECIOUS FAMILY!!!????? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.?????? MAY YOU DIE OF V.D. AND ROT IN H E L L... YOU FUCKBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Depravity: the state of being in which a conscious human being has disregarded what they know to be right for what socitety has taught them to be acceptable.


This may help validate your already worthless effort to make yourself feel better: (oh, by the way... go FUCK YOURSELF again..)

e.g.: Best Buy: Do anything possible to convince the "customer" that a particular "service" or "offering" is absoultely necessary to "complete" their buying "experience"... in other words, don't let anyone out the front door unitl they have spent their HARD EARNED money on some service or product that will make some PIECE OF SHIT corporate DOUSCHEBAG FUCKING PIECE OF SOUL-VOID FLESH M I N D W A S H E D F U C K ..... 4.5% of sales... to provide for their SELFISH, DEPRAVED family. As if some 90hr/week G.M. can even possibly provide the necessary emotional support for a family. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!! Your MIOPIC VIEWPOINT makes us WANT TO HANG OURSELVES........ TOO LATE, WE ALREADY DID!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY YOU FOREVER BURN in their particular religion's view of H E L L. YOU STUPID FUCKING PIECE OF NON-REASONING, LOGIC FORSAKING flesh basket. ;alksjdf;lkajdf;lkasdl;fkjdsklfjal;skdfjl;kasdjflksdaflksdjaflkdslksdajf;laskdjf - Maybe you can understand that. Apparently the $$$$$$$ is more important that HUMAN LIFE. MAY YOU BE CURSED WITH FESTERING BOILS and CHOKE ON THORNS and ACID!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous CowardWed, 9/16/09 2:07am

I find it funny that I just commented on a four year old post. Drunkenness can be truly enjoyable.

Anonymous CowardWed, 9/16/09 2:34am

Oh, by the way, I don't support Best Buy OR the WORTHLESS piece of shit that takes time away from his family to write this mindless shit about his disappointment with Best Buy. He masturbates to underage little boys. He's under investigation by the F.B.I. By the way, I have nothing better to do, and I'm going to kill myself in less than an hour.

Anonymous CowardSat, 9/26/09 11:52am

^ lol

Anonymous CowardWed, 10/21/09 11:14am

Get a life. By the way if you read a little more about "jobs" you have to have a diploma.. lol.. good luck in life..

Anonymous CowardWed, 10/21/09 4:58pm

What kind dipshit responds to a four and a half year old post and tells the author to "get a life"? And how exactly did you happen upon this post? Ass clown!

"justwondering"Fri, 10/23/09 2:35pm

As I read your blog I was just interested in how you knew these kids that work at best buy are high school drop outs? I highly doubt there was a point in your conversation where you asked them that and they replied. Also, I think you should take a chill pill and realize that if your life revolves around a tv show so much that it ruins your day when you don't have access to it, that maybe you should find another hobby. I don't understand why people let the tiniest of issues bring them down so much that they actually become upset. It's pathetic.

Anonymous CowardFri, 10/23/09 2:37pm

Oh, and I forgot, if you knew anything about best buy, you would know that they fully reimburse you for college if you're a full time employee. Doesn't sound so bad now, eh?

"SeizureRobot5000"Tue, 10/27/09 9:32pm

Your problem is not with Best Buy. It is with retail in general. You are the customer who feels completely entitled to whatever he wants, and compromises any form of manners so that you can get your desired product that much faster.

No explanation is good enough for you when denied something. Instead of calmly understanding the problem and leaving, you want to "storm out", make a scene, and possibly grossly misplace merchandise in the process. I hope someone threw your precious remaining DVD of 'Wonderfalls' into a nearby appliance in a similar fit. You're a child.

Best Buy's employees you so wittingly call "high school dropouts" don't care about you. There is no commission for locating a DVD that is sold out, just low wages to deal with people like you.

Next time, get out, find your DVD someplace else, and come back to Best Buy for the rest of your shopping needs like I know you will, even after an exhaustively written complaint on your blog.

Learn some manners.

Anonymous CowardWed, 11/25/09 7:47pm

Fuck bestbuy for saying Eid Al-Adha piece a shit company

Bee BoyWed, 11/25/09 9:22pm

I had to Google this one to figure out what was going on: a Best Buy ad dared to respect a Muslim holiday with some well wishes. You can imagine the high-minded debate that ensued.

Jeebus. I want a new Internet.

"BBY Worker"Thu, 12/3/09 2:03pm

This is Hilarious!!!

"Best Buy Employee"Sat, 12/19/09 9:14pm


is this real life?

"bby employee"Tue, 1/26/10 11:02pm

i've worked at best buy for a long while now and i fucking hate the shit outta that place. the managers are retarded and pathetic (if they have been there a long time). they talk to everyone like their children that need a spanking (no matter what age) and the customers are generally fucking brain dead. use your fucking heads people-of course i work here!

"BBY PCHO Employee"Mon, 2/15/10 2:08pm

Bee Boy,

It is unforunate that you have had poor experiences at Best Buy. I would like to point out that there are a lot of people at Best Buy that are not High School Drop outs. Take my department for example, PCHO (Personal Computing and Home Office) all of our employee's have gotten thier diploma's and have or are in the process of attending college. I must admit I was infuriated by your experience that you had at this Best Buy store. The employee should have called the store for you and at the very least offered to order it for you online with no shipping cost. They could have also offered to order wonderfalls from our warehouse. In regards to the stock system issue, that is a very unfortunate reality. Our systems only update once every hour, and employees are required to manually check for product if it shows their is two or less of that item in stock. This requirement is part of our new Operations Model called "Trust". I am not happy at all with the employee's that were involved in your unfortunate experience at Best Buy. Thankfully we have what is called a Customer Satisfaction Index. This is printed out at the bottom of our recipts. There will be a web page listed there that allows you to voice your opinion about these employees. Managment (if they are doing thier job)reads these on a regular basis. I am not a manager and I still like to read those so that I can see what I do well and were I need to improve. I would hope that those employee's ivolved are fired soon so that they do not continue to destroy the company of Best Buy that I have worked with for two years. I would also like to say, Firefox rules, same with Ubuntu.

"your a fucking fuck!"Wed, 2/17/10 12:41pm

i work at best buy. the inventory stocks at our stores are updated every hour. we have no inventory flaws every. we do shrink walks every hour to get stolen shit out of our system. shrink stompers if the item just got up and dissappeared and scanning of every product in the store every morning to ensure the accuaracy of our stock counts. sorry that your l.a. store is full of fuckin idiots. come shop at my store in phoenix, az. store number 253

"love for best buy"Tue, 4/27/10 11:36pm

You really need to realize your situation and how you are being extremely ridiculous about it. ONE- you have NO proof that the best buy employee at the other store didn't check for the item. Just because you were being an asshole does not mean he won’t help you. Honestly, he probably thought you were an asshole, but either way, he gets paid to help you out and to look for a product for a customer. IT IS THEIR JOB. They would get yelled at if they didn’t. So, he has no reason to NOT look at the dvd rack to help you. You're a classical example of “that guy”. You are someone who gets upset when you don’t get your exact way when it comes to retail stores. Stop being a lazy customer who sits across the street, picking YOUR nose, and bitch to other employees because YOU are TOO lazy to walk across the street and look for yourself. TWO- best buy is one of the best stores to actually give a damn accurate count for their products. I honestly don't know if you can even get inventory counts as fast or accurate from any other retailer out there. So I don't know why you are getting your panties in a bunch because their inventory count was low. They order products and SELL products. Get it? So when their system (which you think is oh-so-absolutely-horrible) shows that there is one in stock and you can't find it, obviously someone is walking around with it in their hands (which causes their inventory to show one is still in the store, which is CORRECT) or someone had just recently purchased it. THREE- best buy has such an extensive training program, that no matter who they have work for them, they are worthy of it and not some dumbass.

Retail workers absolutely hate customers like you. You are a huge dick, a fucking asshole, and you think that you’re better than them. Not just best buy, but every other retail company out there. THEY HATE PRICKS LIKE YOU WHO THINK “CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”. Fuck that. Sorry but losing one customer like you will not put a multimillion dollar company out of business. Even though you think the world revolves around you, newsflash: it does not. So do the company a favor, and don’t actually go back. They would probably be thankful that they don’t have to deal with you and your naïve opinion of the company.

Bee BoyWed, 4/28/10 8:34am

I'm just tearing up because you actually put the umlaut on naïve.

"Not Bee Boy"Fri, 5/7/10 9:06pm

Bee Boy, I just wanna thank you soooooooooooooo freakin' much as a current Best Buy employee. Thanks for being a 6 yr. strong (and I mean STRONG) customer. We take customers in all shapes, sizes, and attitudes (obviously).

You can hate us all you want, but just keep shopping and spending your money with us like you currently do. Your hatred is outweighed by your pocketbook.

P.S. - We're actually a lot alike; I hate Wal*Mart, but I just can't pass up those everyday low prices.

"adrienne"Thu, 5/27/10 7:11pm

best buy is the best store on the planet. i currently work there and you should not be upset with best buy. the employees at the store you were at seemed to be uncommonly rude which is not the case. we have to deal with many different personalities at work and i highly doubt that the employees were not willing to help you out. plus you cant blame us for only having a certain amount of a certain products. we do not regulate the amount of product we get in. the companies that sell it to us regulate it and then best buy distributes it (more to stores with a higher revenue and less to stores that dont make as much money). its common sense and your just an asshole

"Jon"Sun, 6/13/10 7:33pm

hmmmm.....well....i am a current best buy employee....and you know what.....i would have to say our system is better than most of the god damn systems out there.....and if u hate best buy....then so be it....JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE....THE GENERAL PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO HEAR YOUR PETTY LITTLE BITCHING......and for your information....i am a civil engineering major at one of the top engineering schools in the country....

Bee BoySun, 6/13/10 8:49pm

Believe me, I hear that. When engaging in my favorite pastime - reading long-ago blog posts written by total strangers - I often find myself worked into a frenzy over a minor disagreement with something I'm reading. My first instinct is to fire off a grammatically flawed and invective-filled retort with wanton disregard for conservation of ellipses, but then I remember the most valuable lesson I've learned over the past five years: the general people do not need to hear my petty little bitching. So off I go, back to living my fucking life...

Bee BoyMon, 6/14/10 12:54am

Anonymous CowardSat, 7/17/10 4:19pm

wow you seriously have nothing better to do than to write a novel on your bestbuy experience?

"Chris"Thu, 8/12/10 12:53am

I too am a Best Buy employee. I do happen to enjoy my job and helping customers find what technology that suits their needs. I am a college student and am very knowledgeable within my dept. I have went to tech school for computer repair and have owned a small computer repair business in the past so my individual knowledge on selling my product may surpass that of my coworkers. Most of us take pride in being non-commissioned so we can focus more so on what you need as a customer and not selling you something you don't to make an extra dollar. The service plans may be a joke to some people as well, but I have seen it time and again pay off for the ones that have had to use it. Also, Best Buy's in-store inventory system could use a few upgrades as well as the pos systems that we use but that could suffice at any retail store that you have ever shopped at. I would say for the majority of people that shop at Best Buy, they go home feeling satisfied with their interaction with the employees and the service that they received. Hopefully the next time that you go into another Best Buy it will be a better experience for you and will give you something better to remember them by.

"best buy lp son"Thu, 10/28/10 5:48am

best buy is the shit people are just lazy ass fuck do something on your own its not hard at all if u want help with ur gay ass movies bestbuy.com shows u witch store has what so look it up before u go dumbass

Anonymous CowardSat, 11/6/10 2:26pm

maybe you shouldnt watch lame crap like that

Bee BoySun, 11/7/10 8:49am

I'm sure that's the idea. Best Buy isn't terrible at maintaining its inventory or treating its customers with courtesy. It's just protecting them from bad viewing decisions. "We don't have that in stock, because it's lame crap. Would you like one of our seven copies of Eurotrip?"

"anonymous"Thu, 11/18/10 2:52pm

I'm a best buy employee and I just want to say that I realize how frustrating it can be for both the customers and employees. And yes, when the system says we only have one in stock it is the most annoying thing especially when we're digging to find it hoping it is there. Also, for products other than DVDs sometimes when it says there is only one in stock that is because it might be a shelf display which usually isn't sold unless we are sure that we will no longer be selling that product in which case the shelf display is oftentimes discounted.

As for the employees, it differs for each store. I'm sure there are plenty of employees who are happy and more than willing to help you while there are others that are just crappy. Unfortunately, you will find that no matter where you go. At my store in particular, there are many employees from other stores such as walmart, circuit city, and target because they wanted to work in a better store environment.

Also, while I am trying to find that one particular DVD for you there are 10 other customers stopping me on the sales floor asking for help and getting irritated because I am in the middle of helping you. No matter how hard I try or my fellow employees try we just can't make everyone happy.

Another reason why we sometimes pass you off to another employee is because that person is better in that one specific department. For example, I work in the checkout and have for 3 years and am one of the more efficient employees. However, I am not quite as familiar with navigating other departments and selling products because I am always at the register. So what sense would it make for me to leave my register and navigate a department that isnt my speciality since it would take me much longer to help you? And as I'm doing this a line is piling up because an employee from a diferent department is running the registers.

I also used to answer the phones but went back to the register because I preferred face to face conversations. While on the phone with a customer I was on the floor looking for his product and heard him say "I bet she's just sitting there tapping her foot for a few minutes because she's lazy". Yes, I'm sure there are those people that do that but I am not one of them.

I believe the reason why we dont make commission is so that we will be more focused on helping the customer than just selling you expensive products for us to personally make more money off of. Sears makes commission. While the employees were still on the clock they walked into Best Buy and just looked around. Since their uniforms look similar customers asked them for help and they just say "oh I dont work here" and walked away. In turn, that makes our store look bad.

Another thing to consider is each situation in context. For example, we once had a customer who tried to return a product that was 5 years old, without a receipt, opened, and no longer a product that we carry. Of course we said no. For all we know, he didnt even buy it at best buy. I cant think of a store that would ever return that. In turn, the customer would get extremely irritated, yell, swear, and sometimes say really hurtful and racist things to us. Please understand that we are only trying to do our jobs the best we can. I have even seen customers make employees cry. And still they have to continue working and helping customers and make everyone else happy. It's not always easy.

The only request I have of all customers is please do not generalize us. We are not all high school dropouts and we are not all stupid. My GM is extremely smart and went to college when he was 14. Majority of the employees are students or already have full time jobs but are just looking to make a little extra cash. Or sometimes they graduated college but still really liked their job at Best Buy and wanted to stay a little longer. I always try to think of other peoples point of view and be understanding and I hope for the same.

I know this is really long but I just wanted you to understand our point of view. I always try my best with what I am given and I'm sorry if I'm unable to satisfy all your needs. This is in no means my attempts to be defensive or cruel so I hope I did not give anyone that impression. Sometimes we are treated badly because of other employees mistakes at other store or because we are being generalized. All I want is to be treated with respect.

"Nick Anderson"Mon, 12/6/10 1:48am

We lie to you fuckers every single day. And you know what? We make tons of money for no reason simply because you ignorant fucks have no brain. I'll gladly tell you we don't have it because most of you are little pricks. Fuck all of you, best buy for life.

Anonymous CowardMon, 12/6/10 1:54am

We lie to you fuckers every single day. And you know what? We make fuckloads of money for no reason simply because you ignorant fucks have no brain. I'll gladly tell you we don't have it because most of you are little pricks. All of you are stupid fucks for taking our shit, and we'll gladly give it to all of you because THAT'S WHAT WE GET PAID TO DO. I get bonuses for lying to your face. You thin k you're smart? Well I'm smarter than you. It's no coincidence I take ALL de-railers to the guillotine as soon as I discover them. Good luck finding me you pieces of shit.

BrandonMon, 12/6/10 10:18am

Well! I, for one, would have expected better from a former player for the Orlando Magic.

Bee BoyMon, 12/6/10 12:23pm

Well if you wanted to make fuckloads of money, would you do it in the NBA, where there's all the fame and media attention to contend with, David Stern constantly crawling up your ass, and the threat of injury? Or would you just work at Best Buy, where all you have to do is lie in the face of a few ignorant fucks and then load them into guillotines?

"Nick Anderson"Sun, 1/2/11 8:19pm

Not a REAL guillitoine sheesh are you thick? I wouldn't threaten anyone. It was a figure of speech.

"Nick Anderson"Sun, 1/2/11 9:28pm

When I said guillotines it was an expression of firing someone. No threat of harm to anyone whatsoever so if that is how you interpreted it then I apologize.

"Nick Anderson"Sun, 1/2/11 9:41pm

And I must clarify further.. Firing = terminating employees. So again I do apologize as I did not intend for that to be taken seriously.

"Nick Anderson"Sun, 1/2/11 11:31pm

and yes the original post was satire and a joke about common problems of workplaces identifying "derailers (person that brings down morale" and firing them on suspicion. but I have respect for all parties here and elsewhere. and looking back at it I should have clarified that.

Bee BoyMon, 1/3/11 11:13am

I for one applaud "Nick Anderson" here. Most of us barely even make New Year's resolutions any more, much less keep to them, and he's already up to Step Nine!

Anonymous CowardTue, 1/4/11 11:37am


Anonymous CowardThu, 1/20/11 2:31am

As someone who used to work there (and loathes the place), I must say that you are a pompous jackass. Having worked there, and someone would actually look when it said 1 (most don't look because the Best Buy systems are that fucked up), I have no problem with their actions. Seriously, I stopped reading after about half of it, I couldn't take anymore sand in your vagina.

"Mary"Sun, 1/30/11 12:38am

You idiot! First of all if the system says we have one yeah duh most likely its not going to be there with a store so big that has a lot of incoming traffic it is difficult to keep track of such stupid movies!!! And FYI 3 is the number you are looking for not 10 or 15!

"Mary"Sun, 1/30/11 12:39am

in addition not everyone who works there is a high school drop out!! Some people work there meanwhile they are getting their degrees!!

"Geeksquad employee"Tue, 2/15/11 1:42pm

Hahaha wow man your hilarious, we count all physical inventory every year to set the system to get rid of those misc products. Most of the time if it a movie or game that we show 1 of, usually is it because someone decides to steal it (a big theft at BBY) and our inventory cant...um "know" about that. We do try our best to find a movie for a customer, don't get me wrong. However it does depend on how busy we are. If we are packed, then you have to be patient, especially if you call...your not the ONLY customer that needs help.

Bee BoySun, 2/20/11 3:37pm

Mmm... fuck Best Buy indeed. After installing the wrong car stereo and telling a guy not to sweat the installation charge because it was their fault, they call him at home and threaten police action if he doesn't pay it. When he pays it with (legal tender) $2 bills, they have him arrested.

Anonymous CowardWed, 2/23/11 9:12am

Of all the things to complain about you complain about not being able to find a DVD at bestbuy. Should they wipe your ass for you too? All the point of sales systems are the same, they do not update automatically and frankly I wouldn't want to waste my time with a DVD that I have 1 of when I could be selling something relevant. Your entire post makes you look like a whiny bitch that wants to act superior calling retail workers highschool drop outs god bless their souls for putting up with shit like yours on a daily basis.

"BV"Thu, 3/3/11 10:31pm

You guys don't receive tremendous help at Best Buy looking for DVD's for a reason. There's no such thing as a "DVD" person. The people that work in "DVDs" also work in cameras, video games, handhelds, GPS/installs/stereos, e-readers/software and MP3. They're called "Portable Electronic Sales Associates"

The associates aren't that helpful with finding movies because finding 1 movie amongst 3,000 is time consuming especially when the store makes ZERO profit on DVDs and the inventory team stalks the shelves so besides checking the computers, the associate's guess on where it is is as good as yours.

They could either do exactly what you're going to do without them which is, big surprise, looking through them or, they could be off where they're stationed sealing the deal on a 1,000 dollar D-SLR. Which would you choose?

Bee BoyFri, 3/4/11 3:15pm

I wonder how many customers don't come back to drop $1000 on a camera after being treated like an unreasonable asshole nuisance for asking one polite question in the DVD section. There's really no such thing as "DVD customers" and "D-SLR customers": there are only customers, and treating them like humans will make them respond in kind. Their priority is seldom how much profit they represent to an associate (I thought the other Best Buyers said you guys weren't on commission?), but rather how to complete their transaction and get on with their day.

Oddly, my question was, "Should I keep doing exactly what I'm doing without you, or am I wasting my time because this item is sold out or shelved elsewhere?" I wasn't requesting a scavenger hunt, just a little guidance and a simple answer.

best buy louisianaThu, 3/10/11 2:30am

bee boy

first off, i want to say sorry you had such a bad time at bby going on 7 years ago. im in store 2507 and i can say that id rather stick a rusty ice pick through my eye, pluck it out, then eat it as i would an olive on a tooth pick, rather than purposely give a customer wrong information, or shitty service. i work in computer's/ digital life. and unfortunately we have the same inventory issues that you came across with your dvd. the way i deal with this accounting problem is i tell the customer right then and there what the situation is, and if rss say's the store has around 3 or less of that item, i go ahead and tell the Customer that it may be a crap shoot on weather or not we actually have it. so at least they know what to expect, and if it turns out we are out, 99% of them understand cuz i explained it to them before hand, then leave with a pleasant experience knowing that i tried my hardest to satisfy there want's.

bee boy, ya got shitty service. sorry dude. sadly it happens in every line of work, and there's not much to do but bitch and moan on the internet to make our selves feel better inside. it's good therpy when you want to unleash anger at shitty service. what better place to unleash that anger than on some random blog in the boondocks's of the internet. any way i digress.

i like my job because i am a computer geek, i get to talk about one of my passion's/hobbies all day and get paid for it. shitty pay but hey cash is cash, and with gas at 3 fucking fifty a gallon i need all the cash i can get.

all in all you most likely got some one who was just there for the paycheck. wish you could of gotten some one who has a passion for your show. each of my customers see's the love i have for the product i sell.

as for the service plan's. well let me give a example. if i my self where to walk in to a bby to buy a pc i wouldn't need the pc setup and repair disk option cuz i can do that my self. as for the black tie protection. 50/50 for me. im careful with my stuff but shit happens. i bought a psp go when it came out ( the psp go was the worst p o s i ever bought)aand after two week's i ended dropping it and cracking the screen rendering the machine itself useless. the games and music i had bought where just gone. ( psp go was digital only, no game cartridge. ) so black tie would of helped me there.

one thing i would get would be the antivirus and vispy that we offer. $50 for a year and if a virus gets in my system then bby remove's it for free.

basically, what i try to do is find the customer the best bang for there buck, since im not making cash off of there sell. if there older and dont know how to do alot of stuff on the system. i say go with a service like pc setup or at home install. the determining factor for me is the customer's knowledge, and use's for the machine there getting, that will make me tell a customer what there benefits are for going with such a service.

all in all, i do my part for the company, and i enjoy the work. as for other employee's i have no say over them but i hope they get there goddamn act together if need's being.

come on down to louisiana bee and ill show you what customer service really is. some one who care's about there job. takes pride in it, and wants to see people satisfied with the service iv giving them, and the work i'v done.

check out my youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/ji2323?feature=mhum or search ji2323 in youtube to find my tech videos and tutorials.

"anonymous"Thu, 3/10/11 2:34am

seems like all of this time could have been devoted to finding a dvd boxset instead of bitching....... nothing better to do with you time than blog about a bad experience you get them anywhere you go. walmart, target, hell even mom and pop shops have inventory issues.

best buy louisianaThu, 3/10/11 3:08am

Bee Boy — Mon, 12/5/05 9:22pm

With any luck, the economy will hold up (vote Dem in '08!) and I'll never have to.

bee boy. old dem's aint working out to well for us. should of gotten fucking ron paul.

Bee BoyFri, 3/11/11 11:22am

He hee! Well, if I knew back in '05 what I know now...

Actually, I did, for the most part. Democratic politicians are spineless fuckups, Republican politicians care more about power than fixing problems, and all generalizations are false. We're still better off than we might've been.

But thanks for writing. I appreciate your approach to customer service, and you're absolutely right: my post is just a rant. And so are all the angry comments I've received in response.

"Crystal"Mon, 3/21/11 7:46pm

I work at best buy, just so you know, we don't have any high school drop outs at our store. We down stock items because people aren't purchasing them. If nobody purchase's the item, there is no point in trying to sell a bunch of them. Its a waste of space and a waste of the company's money.

Bee BoyWed, 3/23/11 1:39pm

I always love this rationale because this was the first day of release for this item. The only reason nobody had purchased it was that they couldn't: there weren't any in stock, and the associates were uninterested in helping customers find the zero/one copy that hypothetically existed.

It creates a nice feedback loop: don't stock anything; nobody buys anything; which justifies not stocking anything; store employees have plenty of time to despise customers and read ancient blog entries.

"double agent bob"Fri, 4/1/11 3:32am

I know this topic is REALLY old, but I felt like I had to give my two cents. Being a former employee of geek sqaud, (and NOT a hs dropout btw) I had to deal with whiny little retail customers like you everyday. Let me tell you, retail customers (especially those of best buy) are quite possibly some of the most UNBEARABLE people on the planet! Most noteably the average middle-aged, high-strung bitch of a woman who doesn't know SHIT about computers and there I am getting bitched at by this ignorant drama queen causing a scene asking me why her emails got deleted....they didn't you dumb fuck they're stored on an internet server, just sign in on any computer on the planet with internet access and WHAMO there they are! Then here you have you, the guy who's whining because they didn't have his crappy ass show (that really, no one ever HAS heard of) in stock. Boo hoo! Why don't you pitch a fit like a baby and go home and write about it on your blog, that'll surely show em! Better yet, go to fuckin wal mart and pick up your stupid ass joke of a show that no one likes, I'm sure you'll get some awesome customer service there! If best buy doesn't have it in stock, (for which I don't blame them) then just go somewhere else. How is that so hard? Don't rag on the employees or their computer systems. Because at the end of the day, they're just like everyone else. I commend every single one of them for having to put up with stupid whiny fanboys like you causing a senseless ruckuss because their season two volume one dvd of wonderfuck or voltron wasn't in stock. If it's not on the fucking shelf then chances are it's probably not there! It's not the emloyee or computer system's fault that best buy doesn't have it. Just go somewhere else. Or better yet, stop wasting money on retail dvds and just get your shit off ebay! Like I said, waaaaay past due on this one but it showed up in some search results and I couldn't resist giving my 2 cents.

"double agent bob"Fri, 4/1/11 5:49am

Ok wow, I actually just read through every single comment on here. Took me a while, as you can see. I now feel just right above one of the half brained dumbasses that has posted on here. I take back about 95% of what I just said. Sorry bee boy. I feel like some of the things you said were wrong, but I understand. EVERYONE rants about something from time to time myself included. You truly are a great debater. I agree with the guys you liked, like sean and a couple others that you may or may not have commented back on. This is kinda like the fueds between dems and reps. Everyone is right, but then again, everyone is wrong at the same time. Or vice versa. If that statement is too vague or generalized let me clarify, your initial post was flawed, but your latter posts showed merit. Just as alot of the employees posts were wrong and/or idiocy. But you had a few good souls (that you and me both could agree) who made some very valid and smart points. Also as a side note I thought the anonymous drunk guy that posted several times in a row with CAPS obsenities was hilarious and totally true about the GMs. Anyway like I said there were a few good people that made some great, neutral points, then you had your dumbasses that can't spell....sorry I tend to state the obvious and drag on alot. Really glad I read this and got literally EVERY aspect of the story. How is best buy treating you these days?

"double agent bob"Fri, 4/1/11 5:56am

Oh and I really enjoyed servicing the customers who were pleasant. It is a fun place to work when you're not stressed out helping 3 people at the same time with fifty others pissed off waiting in line all the while trying not to screw up :-)

Bee BoySat, 4/2/11 1:45pm

Best comment ever. Usually when I see three in a row pop up on the homepage, I prepare for the worst – but this was pretty rewarding, I have to tell you.

I'm glad you found some common ground in the comments, but I really don't think I added any new information, maybe just clarified a little? I feel like the message has been the same all along – though I admit the initial post was intended purely as a rant, and mainly for friends and people who'd commiserated with me over my previous BBY experiences. Maybe that's where it helps to read the comments. I appreciate the effort you put in! I can't even read through them all in one sitting any more.

I like what you said about everyone being a little right and a little wrong. As Liz Lemon says, "All God's children are terrible." As far as current Best Buy experience, I don't have much. I mainly shopped there for DVDs and now I'm mainly Netflix/Amazon. Last time I was in there I needed an HDMI cable and couldn't wait for monoprice.com to ship one at a decent price, so I got raped for $40 when it should have cost me $4, but that's my fault as much as theirs.

Thanks so much for reading!

Anonymous CowardFri, 4/8/11 8:03pm


"ttime"Sat, 4/9/11 11:46pm

whoever wrote this must be a complete moron. First of all what kind of computer system updates the inventory system automatically after an item is purchased. After the purchase of an item it takes about an hour to hit the inventory system. Which is considerably fast compared to most consumer stores. Second, if the inventory system says the store has 1 that means it could have it or it could not. Another reason the store may not have it is because dumbasses like the person that wrote this misplace and steal items. Which leads to a false count on the inventory system. Would you like Best Buy employees to count every item in the entire store every night, just so the count is right for you to get your lame ass wonderfalls movie? How hard is it to walk to the genre, to the W's which is in alphabetical order to check your self to see if the dvd is there. Thats all the employees can do, they are not special and count pull it out of there ass just because some idiot is having a pissy fit over a dvd. So you can stomp your sorry ass out of best buy all you want. Thirdly, the high school dropouts you referred to as best buy employees, seem to be very smart for choosing the correct company to work for. Best Buy single handedly took circuit city out of business, the sales are increasing dramatically every day. Anyone on the best buy team that sticks it out for a couple more years will have it made. Also, best buy is one of the few companies that requires all eligible employees to go through a 3 interview process. I am not sure but with that many interviews it seems to me it would be pretty easy wheat out the high school drop outs. My comments show who the real dumb ass is. The person that wrote this was probably someone who lost there job at circuit city then failed to jump on the band wagon with best buy.

Anonymous CowardSun, 4/10/11 6:48pm

Sounds like you're just bitching because Best Buy didn't have some shitty show you had to have. Get over it.

Bee BoySun, 4/10/11 7:38pm

Sounds like you're just bitching because Best Buy didn't have some shitty show you had to have.

That about sums it up. Thanks for reading!

My comments show who the real dumb ass is.

Yes they do!

"they are not special and count pull it out of there ass"

"it would be pretty easy wheat out the high school drop outs"

"probably someone who lost there job at circuit city "

Best Buy single handedly took circuit city out of business

Nope, they had help from Bank of America, Wal-Mart, and Circuit City.

the sales are increasing dramatically every day.

By fucking customers over on the price of cheap accessories.

"Keeping Quiet"Mon, 4/11/11 12:04am

As a bestbuy supervisor I must say I am sorry for all of your hardships with our company. We honestly want nothing less than to meet your every need and for you to leave satisfied. Saying that, there are two types of "retail environments". One like us, that 80% of the time our employees do try and help, and two where 99% of the time people hide and ignore any actually questions of true product knowledge, aka walmart. We would never do anything to intentionally ignore or aggravate our customers, and we spend millions upon millions of dollars a year in training our employees on product knowledge....That being said there is a simple answer to all of your qualms with our company, don't come back, please feel free to shop where ever it is you feel that the employees have a better understanding of the technology than we do. I do have one simple question though; if everyone that participates in this forum are experts and educated people, why on earth would you complain so bad when you can't figure something out? If I had that mentality, I would keep my mouth shut rather than contradicting that overall opinion by saying you need us and that when we fail, it ruins your entire experience. We grow in retail market share every year, we open up hundreds of locations every year, we're expanding our business to multiple countries and 99% of us have degree's and or are currently obtaining higher education. Can the rest of you on this forum say the same thing. Have a good day guys, I hope that in the future you will change your mind about our multi-billion dollar company, after all hows your multi-billion dollar electronics store holding up.... Cheers!

"woww."Sun, 4/17/11 11:27am

the one thing i hate most about people is when there mad they start a huge blog about how horrible customer service was. or how the girl didnt know what she was doing. or the computer says you have 1 but you dont. I dont think it is right for Best Buy Employees to come on here and try and pick up after someone elses problem. Obviously you had ONE bad mishap in best buy and your cussing up a storm. I am also pretty sure that you shouldnt group the company as one when you have only been in one best buy store. I have worked in many jobs. From waitressing, to retail, to being a manager at american eagle, I have worked at Sams Club, and many other places. THERE ALL THE SAME. Dont blow up over one dvd. its not person 1 not finding it for you.. its that person trying to get you over to someone who does know what there talking about. noone is perfect. i can bet you a million dollars that your not perfect. and neither is your workplace. So chill out dude. :)

Bee BoySun, 4/17/11 1:43pm

Don't blow up over one blog rant. I've been in at least seven Best Buys across the country, and I'll group them together if I want to. (Although this location is the one where I've had my worst experiences - you may note that I restrained myself from "starting a huge blog" all the dozens of other times.)

Thanks for reading. I'm chilling out starting now!

"Yup"Tue, 4/19/11 10:54pm

He's flipping out over a DVD, hilarious .. fat fuck that has no life most likely. I LOL at you.

"just saying"Wed, 4/20/11 2:30am

i work at best buy... and to think people are still posting on this is kinda funny... it was started when? 2005 lol. anywho im a 6 years later poster and thought i would throw in a word. I have seen this problem with employees not looking for a DVD for a customer. I work in Geek Squad and i will leave my area to help someone in dvds. I have had the exact same thing happen to me, i came in to buy something and didnt even get a sure ill look it up. So when I help someone I go the extra mile to let them know that Im not a d-bag thats just gonna shove em off onto someone else... Ive been in trouble for leaving my zone and helping a customer. but we made the sale from someone who prolly wouldnt have bought the dvd/cd that they came in to get, if someone didnt TRY to find it. Just saying

"Shawn"Sat, 4/23/11 12:55am

Also six years later... I also work at best buy. I had this exact situation happen. I work in home theater and an elderly gentleman chose me to help him find a CD in the portable electronics department. I checked RSS and it said we had one left. I began the search. Fifteen minutes later in an obscure and secluded section of CD's I unearthed it. I successfully completed high school and in fact have my BBA in marketing. I sell GSBTP because it makes people feel more secure in their purchases. I offer services because most people do not want to mount a 50 inch TV on their own and/or aren't going to do as good a job as someone who does it for a living. Nor are most tech-savy enough to install software properly. I like my job and enjoy interacting with customers. Come to the 413- Kalamazoo MI.

Anonymous CowardSun, 4/24/11 10:18pm

Nice spelling of internet, and you call me the high school dropout. Don't you have something better to do than complain. Try spending time with your friends or family?

Bee BoyTue, 4/26/11 11:15am

Intranet. It's a thing.

Anonymous CowardThu, 4/28/11 5:40pm

I'm a college student finishing my degree in Modern Languages. I scored a 31 on my ACT and finished high school with a 4.0 GPA, and I work at Customer Service in Best Buy. Seeing as your experience was over five years, I can't comment on how the store was looked over at that time, but do not make stereotypical statements about a group of employees before you know them. As a Customer Specialist, I'm not permitted to leave my zone unless I have another employee in the same department available to cover my duties, nor am I going to leave to help in TVs when I don't know a damn thing about them. Would you rather someone not trained in or unable to assist that department, or have a little patience (because we all know the average American retail customer has as much patience as a small cat) and allow a specialist in Home Theater to pick out the right product for you? As for our inventory system, you can't expect it to be immediate. When you have ONE program containing all the information of EVERY SINGLE store in America, you have to (once again) have patience on the numbers. God forbid an inventory employee accidentally miscounts an item by one or two. The people of this country just need to learn a little patience and everyone would be ten times more happy.

"Best Buy Employee Kayla"Mon, 5/2/11 3:54pm

Alright, so I've read about half of the comments on here. I'm a 17yr old in high school and I work at Customer Service at our local Best Buy. I have to say, a lot of people on here complaining about Best Buy's customer service probably doesn't know jack about respect. I started as a cashier and loved working, I usually still do. I offered protection plans, did what I was told (because that's what I get paid to do), and tried my best to make people feel like they had a real genuine positive experience when they shopped.

Now, it's really hard to be nice to someone who's bad mouthing your entire store and yourself, when you've done nothing wrong. Most of you are complaining about the customer service, but hell, if the service is bad then it's because a lot of you customers are a pain in the ass to deal with. A lot of you don't know squat about what you're purchasing and if you do, you get snippy when we try and help.

I get yelled at some days by complete strangers about things that are not my fault. A guy came into our store with a cracked iPod and came to customer service, I was eager to help this man out, but unfortunately he didn't get the "ass rapping" service plan that we offer to protect against a crack in an iPod screen.

Ya know, I like how people complain, but we only offer that stuff because customers (dumbasses) do have those "what if" moments and then come in thinking we can pull a fucking miracle outta our ass for them when we offered protection to begin with, which they turned down. I hate helping people like that. And the worst part of it, my manager approved the customer's pity pot story and we exchanged his broken iPod for a brand new one, at no cost to him. We took the blow right there. Then, the guy just shrugs it, like he expected it from us to help him and left.

My managers are really nice people, and I have amazing co-workers that are a pleasure to work with. I hate it when bitchy people come in and take their bad days out on us. You bought a $2,000 laptop? Oh, you spilled water on it? Or someone stepped on it? Well, of course I can help, did you get our protection plan, offered with every purchase? You didn't? Well, that sucks for you, I obviously can't help your dumbass when you didn't help yourself. Our plans are offered for a reason. We don't do it to screw customers out of money, that why we have our financing options with zero interest. We do it because accidents happen, and we do really want to help.

Also, no one at my store is a high school drop out. Most of us are either still in high school (and work there because we actually know how to use the products there correctly and appropriately) or we're in college. One of my co-workers is actually in college waiting to graduate and leave our store to become a Mayo Clinic employee. So before you customers judge us, maybe you should realize we're people, just like you. We have feelings and when we aren't working we go through this stuff too. We have shitty days when we don't like you either, but we still have to smile and help your ass out.

And as far as not having your stupid dvd, we can order for you online too, in store even. And it's not the employees fault if we don't have the damn thing. We deal with over 100 of you jerks daily. And it does take a toll.

I'm not saying all Best Buy Employees are amazing, trust me, the other store in our area had really rude people working for them. They knew I was an employee at the other store and they turned down helping me, they said I had a store of my own where I could get help. Yeah, I go through jerks; customers and employees alike. And I'm not saying all customers are assholes either. I love our regulars. Some of the people that shop with us on a day to day basis are really remarkable people. And I'm not just saying that.

I made a mistake on my 2nd week of working as a cashier and my manager chewed me out in front of one of our regulars. After my manager left I felt like crying because this is my first job and I didn't want to screw it up. But the customer was very understanding, she told me I didn't deserve what my manager said to me and she told me she hoped my day got better. She gave me a hug and left.

Now every time that customer comes in, I always make small talk and try to really get to know her so I can help her in any way I can. What I'm saying is, if you're rude to us, expect it in return. It's the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated, And, FYI, to get so snippy over a dvd is highly immature.

Anyways, I love the Best Buy I work at, maybe the one you encountered was really out of touch with how we're suppose to treat and help our customers. Been working for my store for almost a year and I'm a happy camper.

Try district 100 sometime. Minnesota. We'll take care of you.

"Best Buy Employee Kayla"Mon, 5/2/11 3:59pm

Also, Double Agent Bob, you made my day with your two cents. :-) You remind me of our Geek Squad Agent hahaha.

"Whetever"Thu, 5/5/11 2:57am

i cant belive you have nothing better to do then to complain! good luck at walmart and target!!! I love best buy and always shop there! and buddy i think you expect to much from other people i hope your frinds and family can expect the same out of you and if you did what you expect of other people hopefully it took you far in life...

"nunya"Thu, 5/12/11 3:24pm

So shop somewhere else and drop this childish grudge you've established because you had a crap experience with someone who obviously didn't know how to go about the situation you put in his/her hands. Usually by approaching a situation in a nice manner you'll get what you want. Did we not all learn this growing up?

"dude"Sun, 5/22/11 10:10am

I work for best buy and i graduated both high school and have a college degree. They pay their staff very well and it's not our fault that the computer system, that we have absolutely no control over as employees, is crap. So for you to call us moronic high school drop outs is ridiculous and unfair when we have no part in how the best buy system works.

"BBEmplyee"Sun, 5/29/11 10:22pm

Your a fucking moron, who ever wrote this, you stupid little shit couldn't do 1/4 of the demands of what us employees have to do on a daily basis, so stop whinny, grow the fuck up and don't cry about it on the internet to people who really don't give a shit. And by the way, it's called we might have them out of stock you fucking idiot. And to the guy above me, tell me about it, there is really nothing we can do about it overall.

"real"Tue, 5/31/11 12:01am

really these guy went and started a blog over not being able to get a fxxking wonderfalls he most be maid at the high school students he refers to because they all beat the shit out of him on the regular in high school the sewer in front his house must have reminded him of the Shirley's

Anonymous CowardWed, 6/1/11 2:49pm

I cannot believe you referred to us blue shirts as high school drop-outs. Your an idiot. I have a bachelors degree in science, I am an Army Ranger, and substitute teacher. Sorry we couldn't find your precious movie. Us blue shirts don't personally order your Wonderfalls Crap. If you people don't like the store stop complaining and shop somewhere else. Wal-mart would love to have you. Maybe you can end up on the "People of Wal-mart" website that would be cool, right? I work there because its a great experience and I have met very interesting people. I enjoy what I do and resent all of you little fuckers who think you know what your talking about and in all reality your a bunch of fucking morons. I bet half of you probably applied at Best Buy and got turned down or fired for being stupid congrats. I can't believe you all seriously go to wal-mart and deal with them instead give us a break.

"bryan"Thu, 6/2/11 11:43pm

So, i just typed about 7 "fuck (random business's) names and they all have the same problems... uhhh it's America.Get used to it you pussy's.

Anonymous CowardFri, 6/3/11 12:58pm

I love working at Best Buy. I never turn down a customer that needs help. I try to stay on top of my game when it comes to customer service.

Ever think that maybe if you approached others with a little more respect you might get what you want a little easier? It's that whole sugar and vinegar analogy. Being a rude, childish jerk won't get you anywhere.

"BBEmplyee"Sun, 6/5/11 12:52am

Like that's the thing, Best Buy is one of the most customer friendly stores in terms of retail, most associates bend over backwards just to help out customers, why don't you try Walmart you fucking idiot, maybe they would have your dvd, then again, good luck getting any reliable service at all, stop bitching and grow the fuck up and get a life, (not blogging your problems for the world to see), forgive me if i am wrong but i didn't know this was a pity party for you, we are all crying inside and losing sleep over the fact that you couldn't find your dvd at one Best Buy location.

BrandonMon, 6/6/11 6:56pm

really these guy went and started a blog over not being able to get a fxxking wonderfalls he most be maid at the high school students he refers to because they all beat the shit out of him on the regular in high school the sewer in front his house must have reminded him of the Shirley's

I smell another T-shirt!

Anonymous CowardTue, 6/7/11 3:24pm

Your an idiot. I have a bachelors degree in science, I am an Army Ranger, and substitute teacher. ... think you know what your talking about and in all reality your a bunch of fucking morons.

I can't believe YOU'RE a teacher!

"BBEmplyee" - Your a fucking moron, who ever wrote this, you stupid little shit...so stop whinny, grow the fuck up and don't cry about it on the internet to people who really don't give a shit.

Seriously?! You're a stupid little shit! Unless you have something intelligent to add, stop your whining.

Fucking morons!

"Kristen"Sun, 6/19/11 1:40pm

Stores tend to carry products that there's a demand for. Since no one had ever even heard of this show, it's not reasonable to assume that they should give up shelf space to stock a bunch of copies of some show just for your convenience. It seems like the only thing you have to complain about is that they were out of, or never carried, a product. I wonder if you throw a temper tantrum in every store that you can't find what you want. They gave you a lot more respect than you gave them and hopefully next time you wont act so childishly.

"BB ASC."Sun, 6/26/11 9:50pm

I have to say I apologize on behalf of how you were treated. I work at Best Buy in Customer service and I would have went on to the sales floor and personally looked for you as well. I agree that the software used in our store is outdated; it honestly makes things very difficult.

I understand your frustration and I can say that myself, as well as the other employees in my department would never treat you the way you were treated.

Not all of us our high-school drop outs. I have a college degree, am 21, and sadly have not been able to find a place that will hire me and my degree (I.T.); so I had to get a job to pay the bills.

I hope you don't view one store as the whole of Best Buy. I'm sure there are different stores with much more customer service (mine, and I can safely infer others). So again, I apologize for what happened – I hope you do keep in mind that sometimes it does get stressful; I believe it's difficult for some to handle it and just write it off or take it out on others.

"falon"Sat, 7/2/11 8:14pm

listen i work at bestbuy and we arnt all high school drop outs. I am currently in college trying to pay off bills. Yes our system sucks but its not our fault, take that shit up with corporate, we don't like having you wait either. As i feel about all my jerk costumers don't take out your frustrations on one person. Also don't characterize every employee off a couple bad experiences.

"BestBuyGirl"Tue, 7/12/11 4:21am

I happened to stumble upon this, and I am sorry for the customer service in your Best Buy location. I am an employee for Best Buy, and to be perfectly honest, besides the insult about being a high-school drop out (because I work full-time and go to college full-time), the customers at the store I work at are very well satisfied. It isn't a very big Best Buy location, but we do everything in our power, including spending hours trying to help the customer find what they need and make the experience as great as they want it to be. Sometimes we cannot find things because, yes, our system is incredibly slow and old, but we do try our hardest, and sometimes we do have to pass you off to another person, because we may not be able to help you in the way you are needing. For instance, I work in the computers section of my Best Buy and if someone asks me if I know if we have a particular CD in stock, I may walk them to the CD section, ask them about their day, comment on their music preference and what-not, and if I can't find it, I can tell the customer I am a dummy who can't find it and tell them there is a lovely young gentleman/lady who is much better suited to help you find a CD than I am, and I will walk them to the employee, introduce them and their issue, and ask them for assistance, then I shake the customer's hand and let them know it has been a pleasure helping them. That is how things are done in my Best Buy, but maybe it is just a small town Texas thing where people have manners and can be civil with each other.

Anonymous CowardThu, 7/14/11 10:54pm

hey wonderfall faggot, get a fucking life and grow up. so they didnt have one fucking dvd that you wanted, quit bitching about it. there a company like any other store and there not perfect but its people like you that make this world a pathetic, when u dont get what u want u bitch and moan andcry about it and make a scene. if u dont like it dont go there but just because they dont have a stupid dvd u wanted doesnt mean u can cry and throw a 5 year oldfit like a middleschooler. grow the fuck up dousche,that company is a great company and i bet have your electronics came from best buy so grow up ass hole

"Car audio"Tue, 7/19/11 4:37pm

I don't know about other stores but a good 75% of the time a cd or dvd that shows 1 and can't be found on a shelf is stolen...Now you will always run across a douche bag employee in any retail establishment, but think about it, you walk into wal mart is there ever really anyone there to ask questions to? No we take our time to learn each product we sell, whether it's tests or quizzes or certifications we pass, we learn our shit. Think about it people best buys only compition is Wally world and amazon. Why? Because people know they can go a store and gain knowledge about a future investment whether it's a computer, tv, or headphones for gods sake. It's unfortunate to read these Bashkirs on a company that does nothing but push their employees to be top salesmen but polite and respectful to the people who are the only reason they have a job. Yeah sure some may be High school drop outs but I guarantee you find the same thing with a person cooking your steak in your favorite resturant, or changing you oil. What else did you expect bestbuy to say when you failed at loaded a operating system on your computer, after more than likely you just grabbed a computer and payed for it, if you came Into a store that was designed for customer interactions why grab and go? All and all if you have an issue, take an employees word we aren't here to screw you, its hiurly pay, the faster we can help you find what you need or explain benefits and features the better so we can help all the customers in the store who walk away without help, upset and start blogs and forums exactly like this

"Brian Dunn"Thu, 8/4/11 11:19pm

HAHAHA..... I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with you ignorant assholes any more. Although I do find it interesting how someone can get so aggravated over a DVD that even I haven't heard of...And I run the place haha

"Matt"Fri, 8/12/11 3:06am

Its quite obvious that you don't understand a single thing when it comes to how a perpetual inventory system works. If you knew how a database system works, you'd understand that there are all sorts of shortcomings with inventory systems. Database systems have to be updates across not only your local store when an item is sold... but ALL database systems across the company. That's 5000+ computer devices across a wide spread area that need to be updated every time an item is taken out of a single stores inventory database. So yes, there are shortcomings, but you aren't going to find any faster or better of a system shopping at a Wal-Mart! Next... No shit you're going to find a bunch of uneducated

    highschool dropouts
in a FUCKING RETAIL STORE! You're not dealing with professional salesmen here who actually take their job seriously. I'm glad you got your chance to vent out all your issues with a retail store, I hope you feel tons better and we will see you back next week =].

Anonymous CowardSat, 8/20/11 11:35pm

The semi-literate and abusive replies from self proclaimed Best Buy Employees really illustrate the point of the original post.

Lack of customer service is rampant. In the past five years I've entered a Best Buy a half dozen times with the intention of making a purchase because what I was looking for wasn't currently available where I normally shop. Each time I've ended up walking out with out the item (that they had in stock) due to the unwillingness of the staff to provide standard customer service service as well as their rudeness when asked a simple question.

"shawn"Sun, 8/21/11 3:10am

I feel bad for all of you people who who get bad experiences. its usually about a 90%+ ratio of customers who had a decent-awesome experience. If not, the store gets repremanded for it so don't be lazy and fill out the surveys if you are not happy..

"Kristina"Wed, 8/24/11 2:11am

You're absolutely ridiculous. Our systems are crappy, that's true. However, how is that the employees fault? Have you ever considered that the "high school drop outs" may actually be college students just trying to get through school. How dare you think you're any better than anyone else. I get screamed at every day by impatient pricks like you who choose to take their frustrations from their overly busy lives out on the people that work in the places you just so happen to visit. You're mad cause we don't have your DVD? Get the hell over it, or , here's a thought maybe you should pre order it. Jerk.

Anonymous CowardMon, 8/29/11 4:24pm

You're an extremely ignorant person I must say. You think just because someone works at Best Buy they're going to be high school drop outs?

I work at Best Buy, and I hate assholes like you that come in and think you're better than anyone. I'm currently studying pre-med and I'm just trying to make money through college. It's not my fault that the systems are buggy, and it's not my fault I can't locate your shitty ass season.

Maybe you should order it online if it matters that much to you that it should anger you to the point of writing a 5 page article about it. Shows how much time you have in your hands. Fucking douche bag.

"Frank Lawson"Sat, 9/10/11 11:27pm

Hey, why don't you come into my shop? I got laid off from my office job and now work for Best Buy. I'll even show you my resume while we laugh about the economy and how much more exciting your job is than mine.

It sure would make my day to find your DVD set so you can go home and dream about job security and the benefits of not working in retail during a fast approaching holiday season.

Anonymous CowardMon, 9/19/11 6:10pm

Alright just saying, you seem to be taking out all your blame on the part-time people. it's not their job to order enough products, what products to get, and it's not their fault if someone expects an answer they don't know because upper management never told them!!! and high school dropouts??? really? you are the EPITOME of why people hate part-time jobs. you complain to their faces when it is none whatsoever their fault. and fuck best buy? that language should not be around for everyone to see. Everyone expects the workers at best buy to be knowledgable about literally everything going on. Customers like you just disgust me. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you like some cocky-ass bastard coming into the store and making fun of a system that they didn't create?! and by the way, inside the fridge would be nothing, so you made yourself look stupid when you wrote that. just go fuck yourself.

"dude"Tue, 9/27/11 5:29pm

haha you guys need to see therapy

Anonymous CowardWed, 10/19/11 1:51pm


Anonymous CowardFri, 10/21/11 3:00am

grammar... what was your i phone 4S backordered? Yeah, we did that.

"benny"Mon, 11/7/11 11:43am

i find that people who complain to extents like this are ridicules and have nothing better to do then blame others for simple misfortunes i work at best buy and have to experience first hand the crappy systems. that big reason we tell you there's a good chance we don't have a dvd if there's 1 in our system is cuz 80% of the time we don't i have to assume that it has been bought or stolen because there are people in the world who steal and then they probably go home and log onto websites like this so that they can complain. new for you 90% of businesses have to deal with poor systems even right down to taco bell.

"BBY Employee Phoenix, AZ"Sat, 11/19/11 2:10am

Sorry you had a bad experience; however, you should report it to corporate or store GM. As for everyone else claiming to work for Best Buy.. you should know you can be terminated for speaking on behalf of the company. Just throwing that out there.

"bb guy"Mon, 1/2/12 2:08pm

you dont need anything from bb. all this is just what people want NOT NEED. so you sound like a kid just because you couldn't get your dvd. stop crying about it. if you want it so badly go wait in the morning at 9 am when bb opens and get it your self. dont be mad cause you rolled up at night and they couldnt locate your dvd.

Anonymous CowardThu, 1/12/12 7:17pm

Its a dvd, you really think theyre going to kill themselves looking in the store for you?

Anonymous CowardWed, 2/1/12 11:23am

Everyone stop fucking crying....i cant believe the shit people call "problems" ....idiots

"Santiago"Thu, 2/23/12 12:12pm

Moron the system is not updated , takes two hours to be updated!

Anonymous CowardThu, 2/23/12 10:48pm

get a life...lmao your definitively unemployed

"another bby guy"Thu, 3/8/12 12:03am

Quit your bitching, if only one or two of an item is listed as in stock then they could have been stolen, there is no way to track that until we do an in-store inventory audit of it. I'd suggest calling ahead or looking on our website to see if the store has it in stock before you come in for a product that you aren't sure we will have. If for some reason we don't, just download it from iTunes.

"Rob"Thu, 3/15/12 2:28am

People like this is exactly the reason why so many good stores go out of business. They want to bitch about every little thing because they don't have the red carpet rolled out for them. THEN they want to take advantage of the store's generosity and demand to have a discount on everything or they would cause a scene or want to call corporate and bitch about how they want everybody fired. I've seen you time a hundred times over, my friend. I've worked so many different positions in retail and my current position is Asset Protection at Best Buy. I do absolutely everything I can for every customer I meet and most of them leave happy after dealing with me, but I can guarantee you are one of those people who would have a stick up their ass from start to finish. I pray to God that you end up having to work retail and have to bite you lip while you bend over backwards for some shithead customer who's only real joy in life is to ruin other people's day because of the pathetic fact that you feel like you're better.

Hell, I feel a little better now, but I know your type will always be around.

P.S. Boo-fuckin-hoo get over it crybaby bitch (perfect)

"Rob"Thu, 3/15/12 2:32am

Another thing for the guy up there who says I could be terminated on for talking on behalf of Best Buy - I'm actually not talking on behalf of the store, I'm talking on behalf of myself. Don't recite the policies if you don't even know them.

"Rob"Thu, 3/15/12 2:37am

Ughhh, I can't get over this douche-bag that posted this long, boring, retarded speech about how he's royal and that he thinks he understands everything when, in fact, his IQ is in the negatives. Remove your worthless existence from this planet, you're wasting resources.

Anonymous CowardTue, 3/20/12 5:50am

hey, if you haven't figured out how to use the internet to order your own g@#$%!@# movies, then why are you expecting a retailer that appeals to the masses in a format with which anyone may walk through the doors, to stock the exact same movie that you are looking for. Are you more important than everyone else? Have you some sort of agenda that allows you privilege over others? If you want a specific movie that is not widely available you had well be better prepared to find it - best buy or not - and with that, how dare you blame the people, likely paid crappy wages, trying hopelessly to help you. How audacious

Anonymous CowardTue, 3/20/12 11:28pm

Not all Best Buys have such terrible customer service. Some of us try really damn hard to make people happy. I work in an Orlando store so if you ever decide to take a trip down here I will make sure to take care of you. Sorry it went so badly!

"Employee"Thu, 3/22/12 4:50pm

It's sad to see how unintelligent the general public can be. Sorry things don't get handed to you on a silver platter. So you had some experiences.. every store has some stories. Thank you for proving to most people just how dumb you really are. As for high school dropouts... where in hell did you get that statistic? Out of your ass? Thought so. Most people even at my job are working on their bachelor's degree and Best Buy is a great company to work around a school schedule. So please enlighten me more, because I'm sure you are educated on everything...

Anonymous CowardSat, 3/31/12 9:05am

It was a dvd get over it. Not an employee

"Employee 2"Thu, 5/10/12 6:04pm

I agree with Employee xD I am as well working at Best Buy store #0162 I find BestBuy to be one of the best places ever created oh and for the very first person who started this blog well I don't know about other Best Buy's but the one I work at for sure does not have a bunch of screwed up systems and programs... Your giving False information. Including saying High School Drop Outs I actually don't think they would higher someone that dropped out of High School... Never in my life have I seen someone work there that was not at least in High School or Graduated and in College yet... Best Buy actually encourages you to go to school and graduate and go to College and stuff like that heck they even hand out Money for College for there workers sometimes.... So yeah like I said all I have seen is a bunch of False info... You may have some bad customer service sometimes but don't add every Best Buy into the equation because to tell you the truth never one time yet have I seen a bunch of BestBuy employee Bum Rush someone trying to force stuff on them were I work we may ask you once or twice to tell you about our great deal like did you know if you purchase a TV that is over 899$ then you can have 36 Months to pay it off with a Credit card with no Interest I mean come on how many places give deals like that....?

"A normal person"Sun, 6/3/12 2:56am

You, who wrote this article, are a snobby self centered bitch. That's all I've taken from this. You should just stick to shopping online. The less you interact with society, the better.

Oh, and stop looking down at people you "believe" to be below you. Most likely you're the one who should be looked down upon.

And Incase you didn't read it up there, you are a bitch.

"i hate best buy but use"Fri, 8/10/12 1:00pm

OK first of all i hate best buy i hate what they are and what the company is i have gotten so far in to the company that its disgusting and i was only a sales person first u have to sell from a sheet now Ur not Ur own person there is 23 things that u have to sell witch is bull shit most of the people there are either kids in adult body's or jerks i worked there for a very long time i was top sales and it was not from selling from the sheet it was trying to get the customer the right thing allot of times they did not need a 2000 dollar computer they could go with a 400 or 600 dollar computer i got a right up a lot for that with in the past 2 year they have cut employees discounts 2 times and about another 3 times seance they have been open so are discounts sucked ass Walmart's are better they never hire full time the only time is when the manger has the hots for u i guess or what ever the fuck the reason is but they will give u the hours but not the benefits.they under pay the shit out of u and u wander why the fuck the employees do not give a fuck about the customer u dumb ass peace of shit u under pay the fuck out of them u motherfucking discount steeling bitches O AND THE BEST THING THEY EVER TOLD US WAS THE REASONS THEY ARE CUTTING ARE DISCOUNTS TO SAVE JOBS THEN THEY FUCKING CLOSE 50 STORES O GOOD One MOTHER FUCKERS THEY WERE PAYING PEOPLE ALMOST NOTHING TO WORK THERE o and buy the way tire tiger direct.com eBay amazon

Anonymous CowardThu, 8/30/12 10:58pm

First off I am an employee at the Rockwall tx store 1417 we are one of the smallest stores in the district, however we have the best csi and have been the best store with numbers too. I personally have seen how our management helps the sales floor by talking to customers and tell the sales floor what the customer is looking for to help them get the product they want or need. About the DVD I am sorry that the experience was bad. My first month there I was helping a customer track down a DVD that it said we only had one of I spent 45 mins lhelping them look for it and after I finally gave up the customer turned to me and said that I didn't do enough to help them find it and that they should have just gone somewhere else. They asked for manager and complained that our store and me include was the worst experience to tart and find a simple DVD. I had seen that two other stores had it and even called the stores to make sure and they did. I told the customer this and they said it was to far of a drive. Customers like that upset me and make me reconsider working the rest of the day. I have always been a very helpful guy and tell you what I know about thwarted product and nothing more I even look up the stuff I don't know so you have all the info you can before buying anything. I am the employee that if you need help I try to move the store for you and all I want in return is you just to say thank you I really don't care if you buy anything just show me that you are human and say thank you. I have on many times gone to customers houses to fix a wronged install which is not something I am suppose to and that's what 1800geeksquad is for but everyone wants it done right now so I use my personal time and gas to make sure you get the experience that makes you think where should I go to buy my next electronic device and think best buy and that employee that helped me. I love working there I agree the systems we use gcould use an upgrade or 5 but I make it work. I however will refer you to another business if we don't carry that product in store and if you don't want to wait for online shipping. So please don't think employees like me aren't out there normally we are already helping 5 others so if you are willing to be patience you can get the best experience we have to offer

"BB Employee"Sun, 9/2/12 12:40am

The thing is when you shop, and you have one bad experience, it's such a big deal. But, the employees deal with tons of customers a day, and more than half of them are pricks. After a while of trying your best to help them, you just start not giving a shit anymore. I mean, some customers are great and I'm happy to help them, but more often than not, they're just plain rude.

If it says there is 1 item, it could be wrong. The quantity could've been entered wrong, or it got sold before the system updated. There's tons of customers a day, it could've been stolen, or is defective/opened and they took it off the shelf. Maybe a customer took it and just left it somewhere when they decided they didn't want it. There's tons of merchandise in the store, and it could've easily been miscounted, especially with items like dvds, and cds.

Anonymous CowardWed, 9/5/12 12:29am

First off I am an employee at the Rockwall tx store 1417 we are one of the smallest stores in the district, however we have the best csi and have been the best store with numbers too. I personally have seen how our management helps the sales floor by talking to customers and tell the sales floor what the customer is looking for to help them get the product they want or need. About the DVD I am sorry that the experience was bad. My first month there I was helping a customer track down a DVD that it said we only had one of I spent 45 mins lhelping them look for it and after I finally gave up the customer turned to me and said that I didn't do enough to help them find it and that they should have just gone somewhere else. They asked for manager and complained that our store and me include was the worst experience to tart and find a simple DVD. I had seen that two other stores had it and even called the stores to make sure and they did. I told the customer this and they said it was to far of a drive. Customers like that upset me and make me reconsider working the rest of the day. I have always been a very helpful guy and tell you what I know about thwarted product and nothing more I even look up the stuff I don't know so you have all the info you can before buying anything. I am the employee that if you need help I try to move the store for you and all I want in return is you just to say thank you I really don't care if you buy anything just show me that you are human and say thank you. I have on many times gone to customers houses to fix a wronged install which is not something I am suppose to and that's what 1800geeksquad is for but everyone wants it done right now so I use my personal time and gas to make sure you get the experience that makes you think where should I go to buy my next electronic device and think best buy and that employee that helped me. I love working there I agree the systems we use gcould use an upgrade or 5 but I make it work. I however will refer you to another business if we don't carry that product in store and if you don't want to wait for online shipping. So please don't think employees like me aren't out there normally we are already helping 5 others so if you are willing to be patience you can get the best experience we have to offer

"BBY Computer Girl"Thu, 10/25/12 6:20pm

I just want it to be known that at the store I work for , we take pride in our customers, we haven't had a bad comment from someone in over a year since new management stepped in. I apologize so very much for that awful experience that you had. But I assure you that not all of best buy is like that, do you remember these people's names? I mean they may not work there anymore, but i definately want to make sure you have an excellent experience..


"cv"Fri, 10/26/12 10:33am

Fuck Best Buy. I bought a portable DVD player with some gift cards I received. Cost me $150. Normally, I don't shop there because I know a few people who had major issues there. 92 days later, the player stopped working. I went back and complained. They called the manager. He resolved my problem by telling me to fuck off. He said that I should have bought the warranty. I said the player is new and they shouldn't sell junk. I felt like shoving it up his ass, but I'm not fond of jail. I still have the $80 off brand DVD player that my daughter had dropped around 10 times. I bought that at Radio Shack 5 years ago. I hope you go broke Best Buy. And fuck you very much for every thing

"Bby employee"Sat, 10/27/12 10:57pm

I work at best buy when I'm a college student and only work there to pay for college. My store Was one of the highest in customer satisfaction. I agree that best buy does have bad/horrible management. I also agree that there are some employees that really don't give a shit about customers. Okay alot don't. I don't some days. But I read alot about how we'r all dbags that only push service plans. But that's only because our managers hop on our asses about it. They make low selling people close, which is horrible and make them do endless role plays. I, for one, can honestly say I have never pushed service plans. Lol I honestly don't even give a fuck my numbers. And I do help customers. Most of my customers come back to visit me and buy stuff from me that I'm not even suppose to sell. I really hate seeing my fellow employees that don't do work and avoid helping customers. Personally, I like helping customers and helping them because it helps make time move faster so I can get out of that place. I don't do shit or push services and my numbers are still high. the only people that actually push it are the ones scared for their job, so I definitely disagree with that. Most of us offer it once and say okay to whatever answer you give. And honestly, they are actually helpful to old folks or people who are technologically behind. They need those services to make full use of their devices. And Im not gonna lie. I do hate some retards that go in there. But if a customer was like you, I would gladly help them. Today, I had a customer that was looking for a mouse that was a year old and I spent twenty mins trying to find it. Found it in the back of keyboards. So yes, alot of our employees are lazy but it's mainly cuz the managers always piss us off. And not all of us are like that. I personally try my best to help customers. And they gladly come back all the time to buy a computer or tablet with full service plans from me just cuz I was always so good to them. (given I live in an area with pretty well payed customers) but they do it cuz they think I work on commissions even thou I don't. And when I tell them I dont, they don't believe me and go and buy it anyways. BTW I JUST WANNA SAY, WE DO NOT MAKE COMMISSION. I HATE WHEN CUSTOMERS SAY THAT AND THINK IM SCREWING THEM OVER WHEN IM SELLING THEM A 500-700 DOLLAR COMPUTER. I'm selling you that cuz anything less sucks ass!!!

Anonymous CowardSun, 10/28/12 8:09pm

@ cv

Usually they'll do a refund or exchange within 30 days with receipt. Manufacturer's warranty is 90 days usually. It's not the store's fault that it stopped working after 92 days, there's no way for them to test if the product will work after the warranty period. The product they sell is factory sealed. Thousands of those DVD players get made at the factory, you could've been the unlucky one. Really, your problem is with the manufacturer, not the store.

"BBY Employee"Fri, 11/2/12 4:02am

Bee Boy, haven't heard from you in a while. Just wondering how things are going? Have you still been shopping at Beat Buy? Things most definitely have changed since 2005. Obviously, as we are still alive and stronger than ever, your bad customer experience was a rare occurrence. The company has gone through lots of changes, and we even have a new CEO. Do you know what his number 1 priority is? YOU. That's right, the customer. He doesn't even come from a retail backgroup. Our new owner comes from a customer service background (which includes multiple hotel chain ownerships). Every employee from every store has to go through induction, which is a 32 hour, multiple day training session. Two things our company lives by is "No employee goes un trained", and "no customer goes unserved." I have only been working with the company a few month, but have loved going into work every day. It's extremely rewarding to have a customer shake your hand and personally thank you for helping them. Having a customer leave happy is what gets me excited.

So, all things considered, please do yourself a favor and stop by your local Best Buy. You'll more than likely see new faces from 2005, and your experience should be much more enjoyable. Keep in mind, that we do not set our own DVD racks anymore. That is handled by a third party company, as physical media is being given less and less importance and floor space (unfortunately). If I remember correctly, you said the bad experience was in LA? Well I work in the Burbank store, and I would love to have you come in, so I can do my best to satisfy you as a customer, and help you locate anything you could possibly want.

(I found this while google searching "best buy answers ETK", and have read through every comment for the past hour.)

"BBYKY"Sun, 11/11/12 10:19pm

I work at a Best Buy and I have to say...

Holy shit my eyes hurt from reading through all this shit. Both sides have valid points, but both sides are bitching as much as the other side. Every store is different, and every employee is human. I know we get paid jack shit because i'm forced to work two jobs to pay my bills. But dammit, I love working here and meeting new people everyday. New dickheads, new hot chicks, new retards. It's a big world, and working for Best Buy has exposed me to almost any type of person I could ever meet. Muslim, Klansmen, Amish, holy shit!! Point blank, i'm sure over the period of time that the original post was made, there had to have been improvements. If not, there's always wally world or dollar general lol. I don't even have any real point to this post, just wanted to contribute xD

"Supermane"Sun, 11/11/12 10:20pm


Anonymous CowardWed, 11/14/12 12:42pm

Theres a ton of assuming here. Little does the writer know about the logical reasons for all of their complaints.

Bee BoySat, 11/17/12 12:50pm

Well thanks for clearing that up with all of that specific information. The complaints just seem silly now.

"bby employee"Wed, 11/21/12 5:52am

Ok there are several reasons why the comouter would say "1" but they cant find it. Theft, the item is on hold or was ordered online and delivered to the store for another customer, a display model (not so much for dvds obviously, lost somewhere in the warehouse especially since you said its an unpopular show, no one would be looking for it to know its missing, and so on.. they should have explained it to you a little bit better but there are legitimate reasons for why we cannot find things that are "in our system". Secondly, there are over 1100 best buys in the country. Just because you have a bad experience at some doesnt mean "fuck the whole corporation. Third, I am not a high school dropout. Im working at best buy while going to college and I make $11 an hour. Minimum wage is around $7. Next, best buy is not bottom of the barrel. You obviously need to broaden your horizons a bit if you think it is. Being #1 in your district or #9 in the whole country, as my store is, includes customer service. Its not just revenue. There are so many incorrect statements here I dont have time to cover them all! I have a JOB to get to. Maybe you should try it instead of sitting on your ass and grasping at straws to find something to complain about! 10 paragraphs of spewing bullshit over a dvd that you were too lazy to look for yourself!

"^"Wed, 11/21/12 6:11am

So do you walk into a grocery store, ask them to leave their line of 10 people to go and find some bananas for you too? Would you like the associate to go in their own vehicle and drive all over town to find your ONE dvd??? What would have madee you happy in this situation?? Im gonna guess nothing because youre probably one of those "woe is me, I make life miserable for myself and everyone around me" type of people. Thats the problem with this world, people feel too entitled to shit.

"AWWWWWWW"Fri, 11/30/12 1:04am

You seem to be an angry person who is used to having things handed to you. Heaven forbid you had to get off your rear end to go buy a movie. Most of you leaving these comments have never worked retail before. I work for best buy and id be glad to go toe to toe with anyone in the home theater area. Its safe to say I prob know more than you. As for the protection plans ive used them to save thousands in repairs and every shift i work someone comes in with a broken tv wishing they had got one. Just wanted to say theres bad apples and idiots working everywhere. Making a blanket statement that an entire business is full of idiots shows your intelligence. AAAAAAND i'll leave it at that

"reddit"Tue, 12/4/12 6:57pm

First world problems.

Anonymous CowardSun, 12/9/12 11:52pm

Its funny how you guys allow people to bring you so much anger i laugh

"BBY employee"Wed, 1/9/13 11:46pm


It is not the fault of anyone who works for Best Buy that your DVD player stopped working, that is something you need to take up with the manufacturer, since you opted not to purchase the Geek Squad Protection. We do not produce the products ourselves, but unfortunately, we take the brunt of the frustrations when devices go bad.

That being said...I do like working at Best Buy while I am putting myself through school, but I HATE having to push protection and credit cards on people. We're not commissioned for it or anything, but heaven forbid the numbers get low. Then you get a coaching on how you can raise your numbers (I've had a few of these). I would rather customers leave the store satisfied with what they have, so that they will keep coming back. I am not afraid to leave my area to help my customers find what they need (I work in the front lanes, sometimes people change their mind when they are checking out). I do believe customer service is more important than pushing product and services, but maybe to others who are just there for the paycheck, it doesn't really matter. If I get lucky and I am not the only one scheduled at the registers, I will personally walk my customers to the product that they are wanting and help them as much as I can, and call for assistance from a more knowledgeable coworker if I need to. It is unfortunate that so many report negative experiences while inside Best Buy stores, but we are not all lazy and uncaring.

Anonymous CowardWed, 8/24/16 1:36pm

then shop at walmart see how much help you get there

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