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Mon, September 29

Not-So-Bad Week

A pleasant little dollop of new shows this week. It's like a perfect nuclear family: some comedy and some drama; some good shows and some terrible ones. (Read more.)

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Mon, September 22

Bye Week

The fall premiere season provided us with a welcome week off last week – time to collect ourselves and reassess before the real gauntlet begins. (Read more.)

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Sun, September 21

What I Learned from This Year's Emmys

Every year I tell myself I'm not going to make a special point of watching the Emmys, but somehow I usually end up watching anyway. (Read more.)

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Sat, September 20

The System Works!—11:31 PM

Apple just e-mailed me as a stockholder to let me off the tenterhooks I've been on for the last two and a half years regarding their stock option backdating "scandal."

The big, dense settlement says they're getting a payment from their "directors & officers" liability insurance policy, which supposedly offsets any losses we stockholders might have experienced due to the alleged (and denied) malfeasance of Steve Jobs et al. We'll get $14 million from the insurance company and immediately hand over almost $9 million of it to the various attorneys who filed sixteen different lawsuits against Jobs and the other executives in the matter.

Well I hope everyone learned his lesson! I'd feel better if the lawyers were then compelled to spend that money planting trees to offset the mountains of needless paperwork they created in this mess.


Tue, September 16

Fringe with Benefits

A couple of this week's new programs show enough potential to merit a second or third viewing. If you stayed away because you find paranormal stories kind of tiresome, you may wish to reconsider. (Read more.)

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Mon, September 8

Drama Mine!

The new fall season has some drama shows for you – but strap in, because it's a bumpy ride. (Read more.)

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Thu, September 4

I Get What I Deserve—10:36 AM

I don't read the local paper, for I am not 70. I do receive the neighborhood supplement for free, because I have not figured out a way to cancel it that would not require at least five minutes of looking up a phone number and/or talking to a person. So, twice a week, I glance at one-sixth of its front page as I carry it from my mailbox to my recycling bin. Today, this little box caught my eye (apparently it has always been there):

I don't know what this means. I deserve the best? Why? According to whom? This sort of pitch rings with American egocentrism. "I'm awesome! I should have the hottest wife, the loudest stereo, and the most expensive house I can find! I should be on a reality show! Why should I bother signaling a lane change? Make way! World's Awesomest Individual, coming through!"

It's important to like yourself and to set high standards, but shouldn't a person have to do something to deserve something? I appreciate adequacy. I'm a fan of competency. But who has time to demand "the best" from every situation? What is the best? I'd drive myself crazy, sitting in a restaurant, wondering with each bite, "Is this the best thing on the menu? Was that the best bite, or did I already swallow that one? Should I throw the rest away?" Or, "I like this shampoo, but is it the best? I should buy the ten most expensive brands and try them out all day Saturday!" Hardly seems like the best use of my time.

Ironically, the message is undermined by its typography. (The picture above is really what it looks like, actual size.) Everything except "You deserve the best" is practically illegible due to shoddy printing. Rifling through the pile in the recycle bin, they've been printing it the same way for at least a month without bothering to fix it. See? Even they don't believe I deserve the best.


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